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13 year Experienced Professional in Marketing and Banking

tutoring & advice

 with Sony Augustine

short description:
All Aspects of Marketing and Banking on a theoretical and Practical angle for Management Students And Chemistry for School Students
long description:
Marketing as a Subject which is relevant in all walks of life; its theoretical and practical angle for Management students in Colleges . Marketing, Sales, Advertising, merchandising, People management,Pricing aspects, Product features,Marketing strategies,Managing Competition,Product Marketing & Service/Concept Marketing, one to one or direct marketing,how to develop Customer relationships, Customer convincing,customer satisfaction,Strategies to deal irate customers, All aspects of liability Banking in the Indian Context-Practical and Theory, Wealth Management, process and compliance in banking etc...

School level syllabi on Chemistry
level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
Currently working as a full time banker Hence availability would be between 6.30 pm to 1 AM on Indian Clock.
fee comments:
30$ per hour for both online teaching(including study notes)for College Students . And for study notes alone just 20$ per topic.
 session structure





13 year Experienced Professional in Marketing and Banking

live session

All Aspects of Marketing and Banking on a theoretical and Practical angle for Management Students And Chemistry for School Students

1h 0m

languages: English
fee: 25US$  (250lp)
payment: on satisfaction
delivery method: live online

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Sony Augustine

description of :
I am person with an inherent aptitude in Teaching skills, Though there is no labelled experience as a teacher by profession i had enough opportunities to demonstrate my teaching and presentation skills during my 5 years Marketing and Sales job in various reputed Companies like Asian Paints (I)ltd,(Paint Industry-Industrial) Ranbaxy Finechemicals Ltd (Institutional Sales)and Exide Industries Ltd(Dealer Channel Management) in India. Also I have established myself as a known Banker in the last 8 years and has gor sufficient exposure to different facets of banking as Branch Operations Manager, Relationship Manager and Branch Manager.
Teacher's qualifications:
Thirteen years of Industrial Experience as a Marketing Manager and Banker. A post graduate in Chemistry and Business Administration. MSc in General Chemistry passed from MG university in 1995 and M.B.A from Madras university in 1998. Proven track record as a Successful MArketing Manager and a Successful BAnker in India. Currently heading a branch of a scheduled bank with 15 people in the team.
's preferred teaching style:
My Style is based on Brevity and Clarity whatever be the topic whether its management, Banking or Chemistry. Each topic would be supported by practical background while explaining the theory.Study Notes also cam be provided iF the syllabus is given in advance.

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