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Biology tutor

tutoring & advice

 with Anthony Lycan

short description:
I have been a college professor of biology for 38 years
long description:
I have taught majors and non majors biology, anatomy-physiology, microbiology,
human genetics, botany and chemistry.
level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
Monday-Wednesday: 8-12 noon and 4-5 pm
fee comments:
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Biology tutor

live session

I have been a college professor of biology for 38 years

1h 0m

languages: English
fee: 25US$  (250lp)
payment: at booking
delivery method: live online

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United States

Anthony Lycan

description of :
I enjoy the exchange with students via lecture using
power point and students group collaboration. I always
placed reviews for exams online. I used humor and
interesting extra facts in class. I have 24 graduate hours
in cell biology, 12 graduate hours in microbiology, and
18 graduate hours in organic and biochemistry on my
doctorate. I won or was nominated for 3 teaching awards
during my 38 years of college teaching.
Teacher's qualifications:

Anthony Charles
115 Heneretta Dr.
Hurst, Texas 7605

Retiring professor of biology seeking a position as an
online instructor.

Abilene Christian University:
B.S. in Biology, 1966
M.S. in Biology, 1968
University of North Texas
Ph.D. in the College Teaching of Biology, 1980
24 Graduate hours in Cell and Molecular Biology
18 Graduate hours in Microbiology
12 Graduate hours in Biochemistry
24 Graduate Hours in Higher Education


• Three awards for exemplary teaching
• Invited to four Chatauqua Short Courses for college
teachers in neurophysiology, AIDS, immunology, and
virology which is sponsored by the National Science
• Invited to evaluate the Biology Department at
Abilene Christian University during 1993 and 1994.
• Attended both regional and national meetings of
the American Society of Microbiology
• Elected Faculty Senate Chairman twice.

Professional Experience
Full Time:

• Graduate Fellowship teaching botany labs at the
University of North Texas 1969-1972.
• Assistant Professor of Biology teaching zoology,
chemistry, and exercise biology at Abilene Christian
University 1972-1976
• Professor of Biology at Tarrant County College in Ft
Worth, Texas, 1976-2010 teaching anatomy-physiology,
botany, genetics, microbiology, and biology for science
Part Time:
• Adjunct professor of biology at Parker College of
Chiropractic Medicine, 1982-1987 teaching histology,
cell biology, microbiology, embryology, research and
• Adjunct professor of chemistry at Richland College
in Dallas 1972-1976
• Adjunct professor of biology at North Lake College
in Irving teaching anatomy-physiology, and science
majors biology
• Adjunct professor of biology at Brookhaven College
in Dallas, 1980 teaching microbiology

Volunteer Experience

• Instructor of microbiology to fifth grade students of
North Ridge Elementary School of North Richland Hills,
• Judging of regional science fairs 1980-1984 at
Texas Christian University and at the University of North
Texas, 2008

I have been trained as a facilitator for an elearn rubric for

's preferred teaching style:
I used lecture, power points, podcasting, student
collaboration groups, and online reviews.

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