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Forensic Handwriting Analysis

training & business skills

 with Ms. Treyce Montoya

short description:
Learn to assess for drugs, lies, sexual abuse, and more via handwriting analysis by a 24+ year international expert
long description:
Learn the science of Forensic Handwriting Analysis from a 24+
year international expert, multi-published author, case
consultant, and expert witness. Learn how to detect lies /
deception / anxiety, learn how to detect drug use, sexual abuse,
solve forgeries, conduct violence assessments, and so much more!
credits obtained:
Approved for most probation, parole, police,
educational, attorneys, and social worker /
mental health hours but general public is
always welcome.
minimum class size:
Around my students schedule
fee comments:
Most classes are $ 99 per person except of
the actual certification classes which are
$ 950 / $ 850
 session structure





Forensic Handwriting Analysis

live session

Learn to assess for drugs, lies, sexual abuse, and more via handwriting analysis by a 24+ year international expert

1h 0m

total duration: 1h 0m over 1 session(s)
comments: As the student learning flows, we will
adjust the time as necessary. I am not a
"clock watcher"

languages: English
duration: 1h 0m
fee: 99US$  (990lp)
payment: at booking
delivery method: live online and self-paced

Quick Help

United States

Ms. Treyce Montoya

description of :
Growing up in the field of Forensic
Handwriting Analysis, I was personally
trained and certified by Charles Stahl, the
founder of the San Francisco School of
Graphology (1960’s) in 1986. I opened my
first agency in 1987 and offered personality
assessments and training in my region. Due
to rapid growth and casework flow I have
been featured on many radio and television
talk shows as well as in the written media
and have also helped the writers of the
popular CBS show Criminal Minds. I have
completed training and casework for many
agencies. My most memorable cases include
warning a woman that her husband could
brutally murder her – a year later, he did.
Another when I stated a sheriff deputy was
extremely dangerous – he later shot his
girlfriend in the head at close range.
Another when I stated a Homicide
Investigator should not be trusted with
children – he was later convicted of six
counts of Child Battery. I have also enjoyed
assisting in famous cases such as Michael
Jackson, Darlie Routier, and the missing
Baby Gabriel.
In 2006 I led the successful Texas Juvenile
Probation Commission research project that
was aimed at reducing juvenile recidivism
rates via the Handwriting Formation Therapy
(HFT) program that I created in 1987. The
juveniles that were chosen to participate
remained 100% anonymous during the entire
six month program. All juveniles improved
social skills, grades, and gained self-
confidence. However, most importantly, to-
date, none have re-offended. To verify,
please contact TJPC Executive Director,
Vicki Spriggs, at 512-424-6670.
Some of my background includes over 18 years
experience as a field supervisor for a
national investigative agency, fugitive
recovery officer, correctional officer &
FTO, crisis counselor, case manager, and as
a credentialed Clinical Liaison for the
Severely Mentally Ill adult population. I am
an Alpha Delta Kappa and Magna Cum Laude
graduate of Kaplan University where I
obtained my Bachelor’s in Forensic
Psychology. I then received my non-secular
Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Holistic
Psychology and uses these holistic
approaches to help my clients who refuse
traditional options. I currently attend the
University of the Rockies for my Master’s in
Psychology, with a specialty in Criminology
& Justice.

I am the President of the Center of Forensic
Profiling, National Association of
Handwriting & Document Experts (NAHDE), and
the International Association of Handwriting
Formation Therapists (IAHFT). I am the
Founder and CEO of the international Written
Escape Clinics, a proud member of Find Me
Missing Persons Group, the National
Scholar’s Honor Society, Coalition of
Handwriting Analysts International, Southern
States Correctional Association, American
Psychological Association Division 41, and
more. I am also a member of the Westlaw
Round Table Expert Network, and was the
expert chosen by the Institute for
Neuroscience and Consciousness Studies
(INACS) for their international Psycho-
Grapho research project.

Some of my books include Written Violence –
the Personality Behind the Pen, Case Files
of a Forensic Handwriting Expert, Answers,
The Only Handwriting Analysis Book You Will
Ever Need, Dangerous Ink, What’s Going on
Upstairs, and more. Some of my services
include custody evaluations, employment /
tenant screening, parole evaluations,
detecting lies & drugs, violence
assessments, progression of suicide,
homicide, sexual abuse, forgeries, anonymous
notes, etc.


Behavioral Health Centers of America;
various Council of Governments; Southern
States Correctional Association; Great Lakes
International & Texas Gang Investigators;
International Association of Law Enforcement
Intelligence Analysts (USA & Mexico);
Regional Organized Crime Information Center
(ROCIC); Arizona Public Defenders
Association; Colorado Law Enforcement
Officers Association; Green Dental Lab Human
Resources; Mitsubishi; various Sheriff’s and
Police Departments, Georgia Bureau of
Investigation; Society of Human Resource
Management, Geico Insurance; 4theKids,
Missing Kin, Missing & Exploited Children,
Louisiana State Police, various schools,
attorneys, prisons, corrections & other

Teacher's qualifications:
I have taught classes internationally for 24
years to police, investigator, educator,
human resources, and more. I am a Certified
Teacher for the State of Arizona as well.
's preferred teaching style:
I teach based on the student's learning
style to help ease in retention. I do not
use a "cookie-cutter" approach.

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