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Learning about the Value of Self- Acceptance

insights & perspectives

 with Stewart Alexander

short description:
Self-Acceptance breeds happiness, and helps with addiction.
long description:
Self-Acceptance is an idea as old as the ancient Greek Oracle at Delphi when it said "know thy self", know your self. Old concept, but highly neglected.

We are taught, and reinforced, that we must have thousands of unmet needs, this isn't exactly healthy for adults. The only needs we have are water, food, shelter, and clothing. - Despite all the hype to the contrary.

As much as it may hurt to admit, all other needs (including needing others) are wants. Unmet needs cause death, if they weren't being met I am sure you wouldn't be reading this.

Self-Acceptance is understanding the difference between needs and wants, and knowing that you are capable of supporting all your needs, but perhaps not all your wants.

Not being capable of supporting your wants is not always a bad thing. For a long time I thought I "needed" food, the endorphin and sugar rush of eating kept me (I thought) alive from day to day. An obsession that was in truth an addiction, that lead me to not being satisfied with myself, and gross obesity. I constantly was "needing" more food to keep me from my self-induced depression.

Needing everything arises from the fact that something inside you (maybe that you don't want to admit) is missing, or deficient (or just plain bad). This is what the commercialized media re-inforces like mad. That your not perfect untill you get this or that product, or this or that body, or this or that lifestyle, or more money. The list never ends.

The fact is as long as your alive your not deficient, you - are - supporting your needs (again food, water, shelter, clothing).

Addiction can be a process where you find yourself not fufilled with gaining what you thought what your needs, so you keep trying to re-inforce those "needs" through some behavior. It doesn't work because your needs have been already satisfied.

No one says your going to be a multi-millionaire or whoever it is you happen to think is someone with all their needs filled; I am sure if you talked with them they would say even they have all these "needs" (most of them unmet of course).

Self-acceptance is learning to be satisfied (maybe not always happy) and comfortable with yourself, and learning that being alive makes you -not- deficient.

The true roll of life (as far as I can figure) is to be a part of the experiences of life (not whether they happen to be good or bad) and to learn that your control over your life ends at the tips of your fingers. Beyond that is someone or something else's behavior. You can't force a change in something else's behavior, you can only -try- to influence the behavior through communication (even what chemists and physicsts do can be boiled down to a form of communication).

Knowing one's self, and further accepting one's self as being capable, are teachable concepts. I hope I can help you on the road to better satisfaction and awareness.
level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
email me whenever,

Otherwise M,W,F 9-11? p.m Eastern (US) Time
fee comments:
Being paid on something that should be a civic responsibility is not needed; if I can help you to live a healthier more satisfied life that's payment enough!!
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Learning about the Value of Self- Acceptance

live session

Self-Acceptance breeds happiness, and helps with addiction.

1h 0m

total duration: 1h 0m over 1 session(s)
comments: Can help be quantified? Pyschologists tend to think so, I don't. Duration is based on mutual need and fairness.

Available to book on the following pre-scheduled starting dates:

start: (GMT) 08 August 2001 02:00 internet time: @125 | view full details |

languages: English
duration: 1h 0m
fee: 1US$  (10lp)
payment: on satisfaction
delivery method: live online and self-paced

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United States

Stewart Alexander

description of :
I was obese for years, and severely depressed. I worked through both of them by myself when conventional therapy was leading me nowhere.

I am fascinated with the world around me, and I am genuine romantic empath. For a straight guy these traits seem weird to most, but I am learning to accept who I am, and I think others can too.
Teacher's qualifications:
Senior at North Carolina State University with a minor in Computer Science and Physics and almost a minor in meteorology. Knoweldge in electronic media broadcasting, public policy, global environmental policy and guidance counseling.

Certificate in Broadband Network Architecture

Job expereince with several large companies.

Like Edison (and his light bulb) I found a thousand different ways that didn't work for me, untill I started looking within.

As a science journalist I truly have found what satisfaction means to me.

Hopefully I can give you some insights I have gained during my journey towards self-satisfaction and self-acceptance.
's preferred teaching style:
Teaching to me is an involving and evolving process. I would like involvement very much, but I also know and want to evolve with the changing needs of those I help.

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