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Special Fields

insights & perspectives

 with Patrick Matthews

short description:
Special Fields aims to scrutinise the ways in which space is conceptualised, occupied and used.
long description:
Part auto-biographical, part work in progress, the Special Fields project will evolve as each individual practitioner contemplates their own specific location and state of personal identity(ies).

The Special Fields project focuses on the notion of an individuals space as a physical, and potentially networkable and communicative arena. In which a number of topics, both personal and practical, can/will emerge for each individual practitioner as they endeavour to investigate and respond to their own individual environments and experiences.

These topics will form the basis of the Special Fields project. Which aims to equip each individual practitioner with the necessary skills to enable an innovative approach into the specific areas and processes of time-based artistic investigation.

The Special Fields project is interested in an intensity of research which aims to equip the individual with the necessary skills to be able to read their space. To be able to discover the spaces specific determinations and its contents. To investigate and to discover the spaces yet undiscovered views and the spaces yet undiscovered sounds.

All sessions of Special Fields will deal with the subject of personal space and identity(ies): the investigation and the response to the conditions determining all of our individual spaces, personal locations and experiences. As well as a diverse range of artistic methods and materials suitable for communicating that response.

Through practical sessions the project is structured to enable a productive interdisciplinary dialogue and exchange between teacher and practitioner(s). Its essence is to bring together practitioners to exchange views and skills, whilst meeting in a virtual environment and working within the context of site specific investigation. The project offers a unique training opportunity for individual practitoners to generate new knowledge within this Special Field of study.

level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
fee comments:
400$ = 2h 30m, over 5, 30 minute sessions

 session structure





Special Fields

live session

Special Fields aims to scrutinise the ways in which space is conceptualised, occupied and used.

2h 30m

total duration: 2h 30m over 1 session(s)
comments: 2.5 hours, over 5, 30 minute sessions

discussion forums: 1

languages: English
duration: 2h 30m
fee: 400US$  (4000lp)
payment: at booking
delivery method: live online and self-paced

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Patrick Matthews

description of :
After graduating from Exeter Art College I lived and worked as a member of the artists group Kunstlerherberg und Galerie Stuttgarter Hof, in West Berlin - then a walled in city - where I created my earliest site specific installations beside the dividing wall. After returning to England I worked as a freelance theatre set-designer and set-builder in London and in Manchester. Having sculptural studios in Manchester and Leeds, before moving to The Netherlands where I presently live.

I have presented my work in Europe and the U.K.
Teacher's qualifications:
I have taught both Fine Art and Interactive Art, degree level students, in England and in The Netherlands. And have given numerous lectures concerning my work and its various artistic processes.

's preferred teaching style:
Building from the students questions and personal observations. My teaching evolves as each individual student endeavours to scrutinise the various ways in which their own individual space is conceptualised, occupied and used.
So as to enable a productive interdisciplinary dialogue and exchange. Focusing on the notion that each individual students space/location/environment is a unique, physical and potentially networkable source. From which any number of innovative and unrestricted creative responses are possible. With the ultimate aim to stimulate students ideas and creativity relating to each individuals specific site.


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