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Stoichiometry: Calculations in Chemistry

tutoring & advice

 with Maria Glennalin Medina

short description:
The topic involves calculations of mass, moles, reaction stoichiometry, limiting and excess reactants, prediction of amount of reactants or products in a chemical reaction, molarity calculations
long description:
This topic encompasses the following concepts:
Molar mass calculations
Mole calculations
Avogadro's number
Determination of the number of atoms or molecules
Percentage Composition of compounds
Empirical and Molecular formulas
Mass relationships in Chemical reactions
Mole relationships in Chemical reactions
Volume relationships in Chemical reactions
Limiting and Excess Reactants
Gas Stoichiometry
level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
I am available everyday from 1 PM until 1 AM (Philippine Time)
fee comments:
This includes 2 sessions on Chemical Stoichiometry
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Stoichiometry: Calculations in Chemistry

live session

The topic involves calculations of mass, moles, reaction stoichiometry, limiting and excess reactants, prediction of amount of reactants or products in a chemical reaction, molarity calculations

1h 0m

languages: English
fee: 60US$  (600lp)
payment: at booking
delivery method: live online

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Maria Glennalin Medina

description of :
I have been teaching Chemistry to college students for the past 9 years in top Philippine Universities such as De La Salle University and University of the Philippines Manila. Recently, I have acquired my license to teach the subject to high school students. I am also a licensed Chemist and a General Science, Biology and Chemistry tutor in three quality review centers in the Philippines.
Frankly, it is my utmost desire to share my expertise in the subject matter, and I sincerely want to extend my help to hone students from all over the world so that they can become competitive, science-equipped and confident citizens.
Teacher's qualifications:
I have recently completed my education courses in a specialized program “Certificate in Teaching” at the Philippine Normal University.
I am a licensed professional teacher (Exam Rating: 87.20%) and also a licensed chemist (Exam Rating: 84.75%).
I have completed my Master’s Degree in Chemistry where I specialized on Analytical Chemistry.
I was awarded an Outstanding Teacher in 2008 by my Alma Mater University of the Philippines Manila, where I taught for three years.
The first school where I exercised my teaching skills [De La Salle University Manila] recognized me as the Laboratory Instructor of the Year.
In 2008, I won the Best Oral Presentor award in the Eurasia International Chemical Conference held in the Philippine International Convention Center. In this conference, I presented the thesis I performed to earn my Master’s Degree in Chemistry.
I was a College Scholar in University of the Philippines Diliman during the course of my MS Chemistry years.
I graduated Class Valedictorian in High School and was ranked First Honors in Third Year.
's preferred teaching style:
I’ve been in the academe for 9 years already and I can confidently say that the institutions where I went to honed me enough to teach students and share my knowledge effectively. When conducting review sessions, I make the students REALLY comprehend abstract ideas in Science by showing them analogies or very simple visual representations. Most students like me because I am very approachable, but I never let a day pass without the students learning anything at all. I give short exercises after each session to make sure that they’ve understood the day’s topic. I believe in the saying “You learn it by doing it” and so I always teach students the concept and let them do the work, guiding them all the way until they’ve mastered it.

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