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Medieval, Women's, Early Mod. Europe history/writing teacher

tutoring & advice

 with Cristina Moody

short description:
I teach medieval and early modern European history, as well women's history and basic writing skills
long description:
I offer tutoring in history and writing. My own knowledge base is medieval and early modern European history. This base allows me to assist in understanding the importance of history as well as guiding students to better writing skills.
level of difficulty:
all welcome
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Medieval, Women's, Early Mod. Europe history/writing teacher

live session

I teach medieval and early modern European history, as well women's history and basic writing skills

1h 0m

languages: English
fee: 25US$  (250lp)
payment: at booking
delivery method: live online and self-paced

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United States

Cristina Moody

description of :
I have a master's degree in medieval history and have done extensive coursework on medieval and early modern European history, as well as women's history. I have 6 years of teaching experience with history and writing skills. I believe that the ability to analyze and process information and arguments is a key skill needed to succeed in any career or educational path and I enjoy helping students with that ability.
Teacher's qualifications:

Cristina Dawn Moody

914 Wilson Avenue Columbus, Ohio 43206
Cell: (614) 625-6003


Ohio State University
Department of History
Ph.D. coursework completed: Old French; Medieval Latin; Medieval Women; Paleography; Readings in Early Modern History; Readings in Medieval History: Communication in the Middle Ages; Readings in Medieval History; Medieval Seminar; Readings on Witches, Saints, and The Church; Readings in Medieval Latin; History of Roman Architecture; History of Medieval Art, Violence Against Women: Response and Theory; Theorizing Gender, Power, and Change.

Western Michigan University
Department of History
Master's Thesis: “In Relation: the many roles of Marguerite de Provence, 1221-1295.”
Thesis advisor: Professor Robert F. Berkhofer III.
Coursework completed Spring 2007: Readings in Modern European History, Research Techniques in Medieval History, Introduction to Latin Literature, Hagiography and History, Historiography, Medieval Latin, French: Elementary Reading for Proficiency, Bibliographical Research: Gender and Feminist Theory, Codicology and Paleography.

Harvard Extension School
Coursework completed May 2005: Medieval Warfare and the Crusades, Medieval Islam

Marlboro College
B.A., Medieval History and Women's Studies, May 1999.
Cum Laude.


The Ohio State University

Teaching Assistant, History/Western Civilization from the 17th century to modern times: Professor Robin Judd, Ohio State University, September 2007-December 2007
Teaching Assistant, History/Western Civilization before 1500: Professor Joseph Lynch, Ohio State University, January 2008-April 2008.
Teaching Assistant, History/Early American History: Doctor Mark Horger, Ohio State University, April 2008-June 2008
Teaching Assistant, History/Western Civilization before 1500: Doctor J. Stockhausen, Ohio State University, September 2008-December 2008
Teaching Assistant, History/Western Civilization before 1500/Online: Professor Timothy Gregory, Ohio State University, January 2009-April 2009
Research Assistant, History, April 2009-June 2009
Research Assistant, History, September 2009-December 2009
Teaching Assistant, History/Western Civilization before 1500/Online: Professor Timothy Gregory, Ohio State University, January 2010-April 2010
Teaching Assistant, History/Classical Archeology/Online: Professor Timothy Gregory, Ohio State University, April 2010-June 2010

Western Michigan University
Teaching Assistant, History/The Medieval World: Professor Robert F. Berkhofer III, Western Michigan University, September 2005-December 2005
Teaching and Research Assistant, History/World History: Professor Howard Dooley, Western Michigan University, January 2006-May 2006
Research Assistant, History: Professor Edwin Martini and Professor Nora Faires, Western Michigan University, May 2006-August 2006
Teaching Assistant, History/American Environmental History: Professor Lynne Heasley, Western Michigan University, September 2006-December 2006.
Teaching Assistant, History/Early Western Civilization: Professor Paul Maier, Western Michigan University, January 2007-May 2007

Research and Technical Assistant, Language Lab, Marlboro College, 1996-1999

Instructor and Director of the Writing Center, Sheridan Community College, 1999-2000

B.A. Thesis, Marlboro College, VT, May 1999.
“The Work of a Woman.” Advisor: Laura Stevenson


Ohio State University
Graduate Student Advisory Committee, 2009-2010
Student Member, Diversity Committee, 2009-2010
(Nominated) Council of Graduate Students, Department of History representative, 2010-2011

Western Michigan University
Treasurer, History Graduate Student Organization, 2006-2007
Vice-President, History Graduate Student Organization, 2007
(Nominated) Steward, Teaching Assistants Union, AFL-CIO, Fall 2006

American Historical Association
Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship
Medieval Academy

French, Latin, German, Italian

By request.
's preferred teaching style:
Learning requires active engagement in the subject matter -
I give readings, ask questions, and challenge my students
to develop their writing skills with written responses to
texts and ideas. I always bring humor and an appreciation for the seemingly bizarre to my teaching - history is never boring!

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