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PhD Candidate- Biology


 with Toni Bostic-Harris

short description:
Great comprehensive courses: Essay writing, biology, and english grammar
long description:
Theses courses give great background information that is usually not covered
during lectures in the classroom, and one usually has to read the entire book to
gain the main idea. These courses give the fundamentals that are needed in
ordered to understand the foundation of these classes.

Essay Writing: Helping one build a great thesis statement, body, and conclusion
supporting sentences.

Biology: Helps one understand the foundation of all living things, which is the cell.
Illustrates cell structure, function, and it\'s role in plants tissues and organs.

English Grammar: Illustrates sentence structure, punctuation, and parts of speech.
level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
Mon.-Fri. 9am-6pm
fee comments:
 session structure





PhD Candidate- Biology

live session

Great comprehensive courses: Essay writing, biology, and english grammar

1h 0m

total duration: 1h 0m over 1 session(s)
comments: Course duration is 2 months. 1hr/day 5 days a week.

languages: English
duration: 1h 0m
fee: 100US$  (1000lp)
payment: at booking
delivery method: self-paced

Quick Help

United States

Toni Bostic-Harris

description of :
Tutored english and essay writing for over 10 years to
children and adults. I enjoy when others learn and
understand the material.
Teacher's qualifications:
Curriculum Vitae
Toni N. Bostic-Harris M.S., Ph.D.-candidate

Atlantic International University, Honolulu HI (2010-
Ph.D. Candidate, Biology- Graduation date, June 2012

St. Joseph College- School of Biomedical Science (2007-
Masters of Science, Biomedical Science

American University of Antigua College of Medicine
Completed First and Second Year

Loyola University Chicago (1998-2002)
Bachelor of Art, English major, Chemistry and Black
World Studies minor

Related Coursework:
L- denotes Loyola University Chicago
AUA- denotes American University of Antigua College of
AIU- denotes Atlantic International University
S- denotes St Joseph College Ct School of Biomedical

•General Biology I and II with Labs (L)
•General Chemistry I and II with labs (L)
•Organic Chemistry I, II with labs (L)
•Cell Biology (L, S)
•Independent Research in Chemistry (L)
•Current Concepts: Biochemistry (L)
•Genetics (L, S)
•Genetics in Medicine (AUA)
•Advanced Physiology (S)
•Pharmacology (S, AUA)
•Biology of Cancer (S)
•Advanced Pathophysiology (S)
•Neuroscience (S, AUA)
•Immunology (S, AUA)
•Cell Signaling (S)
•Gross Anatomy and Embryology (AUA)
•Histology (AUA)
•Pathology (AIU)
•Pharmacology (AIU)
•Physiology (AIU)
•Medical Physiology (AUA)
•Medical Biochemistry (AUA)
•Human Anatomy and Physiology with lab (L)
•Physics I and II with labs (L)

Other Coursework
•Philosophy-Action and Value: Medicine (L)
•Theology-Moral Problems: Medicine (L)
•Philosophy of Medicine (L)
•Emerging Diseases (S)
•Doctor, Patient and Society (AUA)

Laboratory Experience
•Research Assistant, Chemistry Department, Loyola
University Chicago
-Under Dr. Greg Olsen Spring 2004-Fall 2005.
Experimented with creating blood substitutes and
studied protein folding as it relates to blood diseases.
Responsibilities included centrifuging blood and giving
live presentations on the team’s results.

•Synergistic Folding and Protein Contributing Factors -
Loyola University Chicago and Abbott Labs
•Uterine Cancer: The Silent Killer – St Joseph College Ct
School of Biomedical Science.

•American Medical Association (2000-Present)
•National Institute of Health (1996-2002)
•American Cancer Society (2007-Present)

Co-Curricular Activities
•Member of Liberty Temple Joshua Generation Dance
Team (1992-2004)
•Piano (2003-2006)
•Knitting (2006-present)
•Pottery (2000-2002)

Other Experience
•Volunteered at Holy Cross Hospital and Ravenswood
Hospital. Assisted patients with bedside needs such as
requests for water, bedpan, and other needs (1998-
•Volunteered at Wedgewood Nursing Home. Assisted
nurses with patient care. (1998-2001)
•Worked with hospice patients at Vitas Hospice Care.
Assisted patients with end-of-life decisions. Created
charts and spoke with families and healthcare personnel
in order to plan overall care. Assisted in ordering home
equipment for patients. (2004-2006)

's preferred teaching style:
I explain material in a very direct and straight forward
way. The material is easy to read and presented in an
interested way.

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