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Beginning Scuba Certification Course

tutoring & advice

 with Mark Imhoof

short description:
Online, self-paced course that follows the same format used in dive stores, once you complete this course you can finish your certification with the water training part of the class at any of over 4,000 facilities worldwide.
long description:
Earn your lifetime license to scuba dive from the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), the world's most popular dive card! This online, self-paced course will teach you the essentials and lots more before you begin actual in-water skills training. Get honest, expert advise on scuba equipment, the underwater world, boat and shore diving, diving conditions, dive planning, safety and more! You are guaranteed to get a 90% or higher score on the 4 quizzes and the 50 question multiple choice final. Once you complete the course you will be directed to a PADI dive training facility of your choice in over 150 different countries! Sign up today!
level of difficulty:
minimum class size:
fee comments:
Instruction fee only. Students must have the PADI Open Water Diver Course on cd-rom. Costs for this range from $15 used to $70 new.
 session structure





Beginning Scuba Certification Course

live session

Online, self-paced course that follows the same format used in dive stores, once you complete this course you can finish your certification with the water training part of the class at any of over 4,000 facilities worldwide.

1h 0m

Session One

live session

During this session we will introduce the class members and then review module one that the students have viewed prior to attending class.

*Course Introduction
*Body Air Spaces and Water Pressure
*Pressure/ Volume/ Density Relationships

1h 0m

Session Two

live session

Review the following:
* Adapting to the Underwater World
* Breathing Efficiency
* Wetsuits, Weightbelts and Alternate Air Sources
* Underwater Communications
* Buddy System for Diving
* Confined Water Skills
* Knowledge Review Number Two

1h 0m

Session Three

live session

Review from the cd-rom:

* Diving Environment
* Dive Planning
* Boat Diving
* Managing Surface and Underwater Problems
* General Open Water Skills
* Knowledge Review Number Three

1h 0m

Session Four

live session

* Dive Lights
* Accessory Dive Equipment
* Health for Diving
* Breathing Air at Depth
* Nitrogen Narcosis
* Decompression Sickness,How to Avoid It
* Using the Safety Dive Planner
* Knowledge Review Number Four

1h 0m

Session Five

take a test

Review Module Five Dive Table Special Circumstances and take 50 question multiple choice final exam.

1h 0m

Final Session

review materials

Review final exam and search for water skills training facility of student's choice.

0h 30m

discussion forums: 3

downloadable materials in library: 4

    Available to book on the following pre-scheduled starting dates:

    start: (GMT) 16 June 2001 23:00 internet time: @000 | view full details |

    languages: English
    fee: 35US$  (350lp)
    payment: at booking
    delivery method: live online and self-paced

    Quick Help

    United States

    Mark Imhoof

    description of :
    I would say that the main reason that I teach is that through learning, people can change their lives. I enjoy meeting students and many of my best friends are former students of mine. I really enjoy anything having to do with adventure, I surf, snowboard and climb. I am constantly learning something new and I think this helps me identify with my students.
    Teacher's qualifications:
    I have been teaching scuba diving for the Professional Association of Diving Instructors since 1987. I began diving here in Central Florida and have traveled worldwide as a professional diver. I was the owner of Adventure Dive Hawaii,Inc. from 1988 to 1996, where I literally taught thousands of people to dive. Besides teaching scuba courses, I also am an environmental education instructor here in the Orlando area.
    's preferred teaching style:
    I like to teach from what people already know about a subject and find out what the student really wants to learn besides what is offered in the text or course materials. I go the extra mile to find out the answers if I don't know them. By using the internet, I can explore so many more interactive sites and take learning to a higher level than in a traditional setting. For example, during a discussion here, we can easily open another window and visit a dive site or equipment manufacturer to check out the latest information. I am excited to teach this class online!

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