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English -- Essays & Writing Online Tutoring

tutoring & advice

 with Rahul Venkat

short description:
One-on-one tutoring in writing
long description:

Hello and thank you for allowing me the honor of being your
writing tutor.

In the 17 years since high school I have written extensively in
the combined areas of English, philosophy, business and
technical writing, journalism (as a staff writer for the campus
newspaper), computer science, and the biological sciences.

My work has also included writeups and deliveries for four
research presentations at the undergraduate and medical school
level, as well as for a senior capstone project.

As mentioned above, I was also a staff writer for two years at
the Northwestern University Chronicle, my university's
alternative weekly student newspaper.

In high school I read on my own the book Elements of Style, and
my growth as a writer continues to the present. I have a knack
for sentence fluency, structure, and theme in my writings.

By my classmates' request, I have reviewed several of my
classmates' writings, and I have observed in myself strengths
in communicating what they are doing well and in suggesting
ways in which they can improve their writing.

Thank you for reading my profile, and I look forward to working
with you.

level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
8 AM to 3 PM Eastern Standard Time (U.S.A.
time zone. Examples: New York City and
Washington D.C. time zone)
fee comments:
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English -- Essays & Writing Online Tutoring

live session

One-on-one tutoring in writing

1h 0m

languages: English
fee: 20US$  (200lp)
payment: at delivery
delivery method: live online

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United States

Rahul Venkat

description of :
My academic and professional careers have
given me a wealth of experiences to draw

My first academic pursuit was in pre-medical
studies. To that end, my curriculum
encompassed two majors, which were a first
major in life sciences and a second major in

Following graduation from Northwestern
University, I attended medical school for
two years. During this time I learned much
about the human body, its functional and
organ systems, and its mechanisms of
disease. Due to a major medical illness, I
did not complete my studies in medicine.

After recovering and taking two years off, I
decided to pursue a major in computer
science, which I am now continuing to

I believe that the depth, the breadth, and
the nature of my life and career experiences
have brought me to this point: being a very
agile and excellent writer. I look forward
to putting my background to use in working
for you.
Teacher's qualifications:

SAT Scores: 690 Verbal, 800 Math –
perfect math score.
730 SAT II English with Essay Achievement
33 ACT (36 Reading – perfect score; 30
English; 36 Mathematics – perfect score)
29 MCAT (‘P’ score on Writing Sample)

U.S. Presidential Scholar Finalist
National Merit Commended Scholar
Departmental awards in Physical Sciences,
Mathematics, Spanish, History.
President, Model United Nations Council

Kansas University School of Medicine –
Pursued an M.D. degree for two years. Did
not finish degree.
[29 MCAT (‘P’ score on Writing Sample)]

Northwestern University Bachelor of
Science, Biomedical Engineering with
Humanities Specialization in Economics &

Washburn University of Topeka, Kansas
Bachelor of Business Administration.
Currently taking computer science courses

Sample essays available upon request.

's preferred teaching style:
I strive for a macro-then-micro approach in
reviewing a student's essay and helping to
improve it.

On the first pass I read the entire essay,
which helps me to understand the writer's
theme and major points. Then we take it
paragraph by paragraph as we discuss the
essay. I have a strong eye for sentence
structure and grammar, so we discuss
improvements to these as we go along.
Between paragraphs, effective transitions
are important in keeping the reader's
interest and understanding, and we tackle
these as well.

A strong conclusion is as important as a
compelling and effective introduction, so we
make sure that the concluding paragraph
summarizes the main points and brings the
essay to a close.

Finally, we refer back to writing assignment
to make certain that the writer has
fulfilled all of the instructor's

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