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Math Tutor

tutoring & advice

 with Johnny Allen

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Math and Chemistry
long description:
I have extensive knowledge in the areas of chemistry and math. I am currently working on a Masters in Education.
Analyzing the concepts of cognitive development as it relates to scaffolding gets the teachers involved in quality control. I would consider theorist such as Piaget and Vygotsky, preparing the way for reasons to consider assessment. The objective seems to fit a goal of encouraging students to start the lesson; however, the lesson was not complete enough to satisfy the outcome of the goal. The key is translation. Many teachers learn to translate goals into objectives. I feel reflexively that the fine tuning method is like quality control. Teachers are looking for better methods in lesson planning to improve the learner environment.
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Math Tutor

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Math and Chemistry

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languages: English
fee: 18US$  (180lp)
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United States

Johnny Allen

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I would use my assessments to monitor student learning by incorporating a firm plan of diagnostic, formative, and summative evaluation. Realize that the instructional practices would be covering the areas of learning: cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains. After evaluating the students in the different areas for example, I would rearrange the next test in formative assessment and evaluation to address a different area of learning. For example, if I find that more students are lacking in affective areas, such as, speaking in front the class, I would include this in the instructional practice as a team project or in groups for a laboratory assignment to address real world applications. As another example, I would incorporate more essay type questions to promote meta-cognitive areas and to address cognitive development in higher thinking levels, such as, analytical and application.
Teacher's qualifications:
Mr. Johnny Allen
6360 Dorothea St.
New Orleans, LA 70126
Phone: 1-504-214-0040

Author, New Orleans, LA
-Wrote several books Jun '10 - Present

Recruiter/ Copywriter
JobNab, Orlando, FL
-Post jobs and research Jun '10 - Present

Jefferson Water Plant, New Orleans, LA
-tested water samples w/protocol Apr '98 - Jun '01

Real Estate Agent
Prudential Gardner, New Orleans, LA
-helped clients purchase homes Aug '02 - Sep '07


High School Diploma (General Content)
John F. Kennedy Sr. High School: Valedictorian, 3.91
Aug '86

Master of Business Administration (Business, Human Resources)
University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ , GPA: 3.49 Nov '00

Master of Education (MAED)
University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ , GPA:3.67 Aug '12

Bachelor of Science (Chemistry/Math Minor)
Xavier University, New Orleans, LA
GPA:2.45 May '96
Bachelor of Science (63 credits Completed)
Merrimack College, North Andover, MA 63 Credits Earned

Carolyn Bell, Real Estate Agent, 504-248-1616; Margie Berrie, Real Estate Agent, 504-887-7588; Salvador Maffei, Chemist, 504-838-4300

's preferred teaching style:
I feel that the learning is part of developing cognitively. Yes, it is important to have different styles and methods; however, knowing from research the effective method is of utmost concern. For example, the information processed in the students brains is important relative the retention rate; long-term process. The students have to do the outcome. Therefore, I would consider the class make-up, the composition of the levels of development. Of course, some students would know some things that other students would not have in prior knowledge. Also, I would increase teacher-student engagement time by not over lesson-planning just to have all of the techniques.

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