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Magic For Butterflies - Using A.D.H.D to Your Benefit

tutoring & advice

 with Joel Bukowski

short description:
How to live with ADHD
long description:
In Magical Work as in life, certain things seem to be complicating the processes. Being diagnosed with ADD or ADHD throws up block to many people. I offer here a way to understand it and work with it for a more fulfilling life. Many of the symptoms can be directed with a proper sense of focus to enrich one's life and create a far more productive future for yourself. Don't let the diagnosis be the barrier that keeps you from fulfilling your life's goals... use it to your advantage.
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Magic for Butterflies

live session

We will Discuss the whole of the Diagnosis of ADHD and work with you to find a method for you to incorporate it into your lifestyle rather than it be a hindrance.

2h 0m

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languages: English
fee: 20US$  (200lp)
payment: at booking
delivery method: live online

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United States

Joel Bukowski

description of :
I have studied metaphysics and philosophy all of my adult life. For over twenty years I have explored the mysteries that surround civilization. I have been teaching in private classes for over 15 years. I founded the Etherian Brotherhood, an organization dedicated to positive thinking and positive action and the continuing study of the Mysteries of Life. My experience is life long and practiced daily. I am well versed in the practices of many belief systems including many of the 'Magic' using systems of the New Age movement. I am non-judgmental and accept that everyone has something to offer. My only requirements are an open mind and willingness to learn something that may be different from what you may be comfortable with.
Teacher's qualifications:

STERLING, MICHIGAN 48659 Cell: 989-873-0940


I am looking for a teaching position that would utilize my skills and intuitive aptitude in the processes of human behavior, and further my development in personnel relations that could be used to promote better living and a positive attitude.

High School: Standish Sterling Central High School, Standish, MI 48658 (Diploma 1986)

Saginaw Valley State University, 7400 Bay Rd., Saginaw, MI 48604

Subjects Studied: Criminal Justice

Delta Community College, 1961 Delta Rd., Bay City, MI 48710

Subjects Studied: Criminal Justice, Concealed Weapons- Michigan Laws

Mid-Michigan Community College, Harrison, MI 48625

Subjects Studied: Correctional Officer

Home Study

Private Investigation (Certificate)
Business Management(Certificate)
General Philosophy
Eastern Philosophy
Religious Systems
Herbology(Private Instructor)
Aromatherapy(Private Instructor)
Meditation(Private Instructor)
Contract Law
Business Law
Case Law
Occult Sciences (Hobby)
Theoretical Physics (Hobby)


06-2008 to Present – The Home Depot, 2980 Cook Road, West Branch, MI, 48661
Title : Dept 94 –Deliveries, General Job Duties Include: Preparing order deliveries for customers from a pick list, building Pallets for safe and secure transportation and loading the orders on Flatbed Semi Trailers for delivery. Customer service is the Highest priority at The Home Depot. General Duties include covering all different departments when needed, therefore a basic Product and service knowledge is needed for all aspects of the store.

04-2007 to 10-2007 Mission Point Resort Mackinac Island, MI, 49757
Title: Security Guard / 3rd Shift Supervisor Job Duties Include: Responding to all emergencies relating to guest activities, employee problems, and medical Emergencies. As the third shift supervisor, I represented all departments that did not have a working manager after hours including receiving, banquets, food and beverage, maintenance, and general management. Some of the incidents I responded and took charge of include Domestic Violence (Involving Guests), Accidents (Medical Emergencies as well as Vehicle accidents), Recovery of a Fugitive, and disturbance calls.

03-2006 to PRESENT Lil’ Country Havenand The Etherian Brotherhood 5131 West Townline Rd., Sterling, MI 48659
Title: Instructor/ Business Manager Job Duties Include: Establishing curriculums concerning philosophical studies, counseling students and members with problems and lessons, creating solicitation letters and grant proposals, interviewing prospective members, conducting business meetings with prospective investors and grantors, managing charity functions, and creating and organizing all records and paperwork that is fundamental to running the organization, and beginning the formation of a Domestic Violence Center (never came to fruition due to lack of funds)

1996 to PRESENT Sleeping Dragon Enterprises / Sleeping Dragon Bail Bonds,
5131 West Townline Rd., Sterling, MI 48659
Title: Owner, CEO, and President Job Duties Include: Overseeing all aspects of business. Some of the aspects of the business include Security, Bail Bonding, Fugitive Recovery, Investigation (as a Private individual), Creation of business plans, Emergency Assistance, - Satellite Receiver Installation, Telephone Jack Installation, Tree Cutting, and consulting in various areas such as Obscure or ancient religious practices, Business streamlining, and Organizational planning.

05-2005 to 11-2005 Wal-Mart Tawas (#5376), US-23, East Tawas, MI
Title: In Store Loss Prevention Job Duties: Become involved in all aspects of Wal-Mart. Procedural oversight in all possible areas of possible loss to the company including Accounting, Receiving, Cashier, Sporting Goods Supplies, Receiving logs, General Business and
Employee Maintenance. Maintenance of the video surveillance (DVR) system, including mapping out the camera angles to provide maximum coverage, focusing and tweaking the video shots, and general maintenance of the cables, fuses, monitors, and related equipment. In Store Loss prevention is primarily concerned with the apprehension and prosecution of shoplifters within the facility. The position included review of invoices, cashier reports, and Accounting reports as well as internal investigation of possible integrity issues with employees and management staff.

12-2003 to 05-2005 Wal-Mart West-Branch (#5159), Cook Rd., West Branch, MI, 48661
Title: Receiving Associate Job Duties: Maintenance of Stock Room, Supplying floor personnel with stock from sorting bins, use of Store equipment to identify and categorize incoming freight, maintain a constant cheerful disposition, stock shelves, pricing merchandise, creating feature displays, inventory, operate forklift and electronic pallet-jacks, and various other receiving duties.

3-2003 to 6-2003 Greater Bay Cab, Bay City, MI, 48706
Title: Cab Driver Job Duties Include: Maintain a driving log, transport passengers from point of origin to destination, delivery of medicines, parcels, and food items by request, and maintain communication with base via radio.

8-2002 to 9-2004 Riverview Campground and Canoe Livery (Seasonal). 5755 Townline Rd., Sterling, MI 48659
Title: Security Guard Job Duties Include: General Security and protection of property, maintenance of a Duty log, Creation of incident reports and other record keeping material, reporting incidents, working with the Arenac Co. Sheriff’s Dept. on occasion and trouble shooting problems.

11-1993 to 8-1998 United States Postal Service, USPS, Alger, MI 48610-9999
Title: RCA Job Duties Include: Rural Carrier Associate- Sorting and preparing Mail for delivery, maintenance of a cash-stamp stock, selling of postal items, delivering mail on a 75 mile rural route, processing money orders, certified mail requests, and purchase orders. The mail route was in an extremely rural area and very secluded.

5-1993 to 7-1993 Allied Security of Maryland, Glebe Rd., Arlington, VA
Title: Security Guard Job Duties Include: General Security and Protection of Property, maintenance of a Duty log, incident Reports, and trouble shooting problems.

8-1992 to 4-1993 Hank’s Restaurant and Lounge, 844 N. M-76, Alger, MI 48610

Title: Cook / Catering Job Duties Include: Preparation of Main Course Dinners, Perch Fry Specials, Steak Dinners, Pizza, and other short order cooking. Prep included Salads, general prep for large groups, and clean up of prep and kitchen area to MDH specifications. Catering involved planning for a given number of people, preparation and portioning for large amounts of people, serving buffet lines, continuous restocking of food for buffets, clean up, etc. Emphasis on presentation and quality of foods.

4-1991 to 6-1992 Mission Point Resort, Mackinac Island, MI 49757
Title: Security Guard Job Duties Include: General Security and Protection of Property, maintenance of a Duty log, incident Reports, and trouble shooting problems. Also, Grounds Keeping, Duties Included Planting of Pine, Oak, and Maple trees around the Conference Center and Winter Construction.

1. License for Limited Lines Property and Casualty Insurance / Bail Bonds. Dep’t of Insurance issued in 2002
2. Commercial Driver’s License with Airbrake. Haz-Mat, Tanker, Doubles & Triples endorsements Issued in the State of Michigan exp. 2007
3. Certificate of Completion “Patrol Procedures” Delta College, 2002

's preferred teaching style:
Most of what I teach is done with a commonsensical approach. I tend to be very sociable and believe the only dumb questions are the ones not asked. I was a tutor in college for all basic academic classes (Math, English, Music, Chemistry, Physics, Public Speaking)and discovered that I teach in a rather unique way. I can cover a subject in the traditional way, but if my student doesn't understand it, I alter the way I present it until the student DOES understand it. Philosophy is the Art of asking Questions and I have found that all answers present themselves when properly motivated with the right questions. I am very easy to talk to and can be rather wordy in my responses. I try to keep the focus on the class topic, but I also encourage discussion on related topics.

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