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English Grammar

tutoring & advice

 with Heba Saad

short description:
I am an English teacher who teaches many grades .I have a very good knowledge about English grammer and its tricks .
long description:
I am an English teacher who teaches grammar for students at any grade , starting from 6 years to the post graduate stage.
I passed the Pre-Master stage in teacher preparation in linguistics and I `m now at the Master stage .I can teach English in a very simple and attractive way . A student can feel fun during the learning process. He / She can answer many questions in a short time , can be able to write a paragraph or an essay and can express himself correctly in English .
level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
fee comments:
100 us for 5 hours .If the number of hours increases , the fees will increase .If there is a student at college the fees will increase to 150 .
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English Grammar

live session

I am an English teacher who teaches many grades .I have a very good knowledge about English grammer and its tricks .

1h 0m

languages: English
fee: 100US$  (1000lp)
payment: at booking
delivery method: live online

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Heba Saad

description of :
English teacher for any grade .I like writing poetry , essays and I like criticizing English Literature .I am trying to collect a huge data about English grammar to write a book about it in a way that helps students to understand it easily and to extract its secrets .
Teacher's qualifications:
I had some courses when I was a student at the American University and in Cambridge University as well in the field of English language . I am a teacher at a reputable international school in my area . I am sociable and cooperative. I like the individual work and can adapt the team work as well. I like creativity and making very good relations with others specially with my students .I like problem solving and I use this way as a method of teaching a lot.
's preferred teaching style:
I like the problem solving method in teaching grammar. I like the positive interaction with my students . I can use many methods depending on the situation , the student and the rules or the reason why a student needs a certain part to learn . Sometimes it depends on which kind of students I am dealing with , whether he learns better by visual aids , by listening or by writing samples . I like the visual aids so much . I like making summaries and categories as well. I am searching all the time for the suitable methods i need for teaching . I may search in books or the Web .I like the new ways of teaching specially those which makes an information seems easier and attractive for students.

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