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Mathematics Tutor

tutoring & advice

 with Joel Patterson

short description:
A mathematics teacher by profession offering mathematics tutoring for learners from high school level to university level.
long description:
I have been a mathematics teacher by profession for the past four years. I currently hold a Bachelors of Mathematics with Education and a post-graduate certificate in Teaching from the University of Nottingham. I am able to offer tutoring in mathematics for learners at the high school, college and university level.
level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
My availability is dependent on the needs of the learner and the time span in which a student needs to develop competence.
fee comments:
This fee is not standard. It fluctuates according to the needs of the learner
 session structure





Mathematics Tutor

live session

A mathematics teacher by profession offering mathematics tutoring for learners from high school level to university level.

1h 0m

languages: English
fee: 100US$  (1000lp)
payment: on satisfaction
delivery method: live online and self-paced

Quick Help

St. Vincent, Grenadines

Joel Patterson

description of :
I am a very passionate and fun teacher. I transfer this passion and enthusiasm into all my classes. I am the senior mathematics teacher at my institution and have taught nothing else but mathematics since I became a teacher. Currently I tutor high school students as well as adults. I am also a personal tutor for a student who is persuing mathematics at the University level.
Teacher's qualifications:

Belair, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, West Indies
Telephone: 17845315553 or 17845336493 (Mobile)


Seeking a mathematics online tutoring position at where I can use my knowledge and experience appropriately in order to flourish within my position and facilitate student learning in mathematics. As an experienced teacher, I would like to devise captivating, fascinating, and unique practices of teaching mathematics that creates interest in the students. With the help of my cordial nature, I would like to build good rapport with my online students that will facilitate their productivity.

Professional Profile

A dedicated and results-driven teacher of mathematic for three years. Possess experience in working with students at both secondary and tertiary level. Possesses excellent interpersonal, communication skills, knowledge of content and the ability to develop and maintain mutually beneficial internal and external relationships. Enjoys being part of, motivating, a successful and productive team, and thrives in highly pressurised and challenging working environments. Always willing to assist any student in need of assistance and never gives up on a student.

Career Summary

2008 - Present Thomas Saunders Secondary School
Teacher of Mathematics

• Guided the first batch of students to attempt Mathematics at CXC O’level in the School’s History.
• Collaborating with professionals and third parties to develop effective strategies for teaching and motivating students of mathematics.
• Planning and organising lesson plans and final exams as well keeping record of work done via Schemes of Work.
• Providing additional assistance to students by making myself available for Weekend and Holiday classes.
• Senior Mathematics Teacher at the Thomas Saunders Secondary School.

2004 - 2005 Emmanuel High School

• Within this year I was able to facilitate the attainment of exceptional results among my students that was plausible for an entry-level untrained teacher.
• Providing additional assistance to students via free evening and weekend classes.
• Worked effectively under the supervision of the Senior mathematics teacher to plan lessons and keep record of lessons taught ansd student progress.

2002 - 2004 St. Vincent Electricity Services
Maintenance Personnel

• Ensuring that work equipments are kept in a clean and safe manner.
• Assisting in Welding.
• Assisting in construction and development of site.
• Working in close conjunction with external professionals to develop the quality of service that the company provides.

Education and Qualifications

7 O Levels Mathematics, English Language, History, Integrated Science, Principles of Accounts, Principles of Business, Social Studies.

2 A Levels Mathematics and Psychology.

Bachelors Mathematics major; Education minor

Professional Development

International Post Graduate Certificate of Education University of Nottingham, England (Distant Course)

Effective Lesson Planning Workshops
Incorporation of Technology To enhance Teaching Workshop The Ministry of Education, St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Teaching Strategies and Techniques Workshops

IT Skills

• Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Internet and Email

Personal Details

Driving Licence Full/Clean
Health Excellent; non-smoker
Interests Cricket; Athletics; providing additional Mathematics classes; meeting new people and adapting to new environments.
Police Record Clean

's preferred teaching style:
As a teacher my aim is always to facilitate the following achievements: Analysis, comprehension, and application. To do so, I utilize a method of lots of practical work. Also, I try my best to incorporate the use of technology especially powerpoint presentations. I believe in the step my step method and not moving on until one step is efficiently completed.

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