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Acupuncture/food treatment of knee arthritis

tutoring & advice

 with Majid Fadaie

short description:
Acupuncture along with food allergy diagnosis and treatment for knee arthritis
long description:
In these series of studies the student will understand what are the factors which causing arthritis esp knee,and how to digagnose them and remove the factors and make the patient pain free with quickest possible way.this is the result of my work over the last 3 years.the success rate in this method of treatment is alomst above 90%.I will be guiding the students step by step during their cases .and make sure that they understand.they will be given the refernces for every topic discussed.
level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
7am to 10 am GMT
fee comments:
 session structure





Acupuncture/food treatment of knee arthritis

live session

Acupuncture along with food allergy diagnosis and treatment for knee arthritis

1h 0m

languages: English
fee: 100US$  (1000lp)
payment: at booking
delivery method: live online and self-paced

Quick Help


Majid Fadaie

description of :
I have been teaching MBBS doctors chinese and western acupuncture since 1998.I have been working exclusivly on arthritis and hope to write my book on the topic.
Teacher's qualifications:
I am an MBBS doctor from Pakistan.(1996)(Siver medalist).in 1996 I started learning acupuncture for which I traveled to Sir lanka which I found to be some what useless but I kept having perosnal studies till 1998 which I traveled to china to study in Bajing internation college of acupuncture .following that I came back to pakistan and started practicing acupunture.I had studies both books of Maciocia for chinese acupuncture and books of prof Bischko and felix mann for western acupuncture.than I started teaching doctors for a period of two years .teaching them both methods.My basic clinincal work was Knee arthrits and Asthma.
's preferred teaching style:
there will be a small leacture followed question and answer sassion and than students have to practically see confirm the finding in their own clinic.and if there is some thing not clear they will be given more explanations.

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