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 with Yanna Oliveros

short description:
To know if anything we create was worth the effort, there is a simple test. We simply need to stand back and look what we created and ask, “Is, or was, it good?”
long description:
Any creative effort we undertake will take our time and our creative life energy. In essence we give our life to create what we desire. To know whether or not something is worth doing, you need to ask yourself if you are willing to give your life to doing or creating it. In reality, that is what you will do. In essence, from a creativity perspective and holding your creativity sacred, you should be willing to die for what you do for a part of you does die in everything you do.

Your life, your time and its energy, should be of value to you, especially your creativity. If you are not willing to die for what you do, then it is not something worth doing. You may say that is ridiculous. We all have jobs to earn an income to live and the jobs we do are not dying for. However, a part of us does die whenever we do something that is not embraced and endorsed by our life giving creative spirit. If our creative spirit withdraws because it is not free to express itself, part of it does die. Or maybe better said, become dormant, goes unconscious or goes to sleep. Whatever it does, it is no longer available to us to give us life. The absence of life is death. If there is no life in something it is dead.

Our creative spirit is what gives us enthusiasm and energy. It is what gives us passion. It is what allows us to be alive. When the passion and enthusiasm is gone we, creatively, become a walking zombie. Its time, living life as that creative zombie takes it toll on our physical life.

Something worth doing is something to which is worth give our life. It is to give our time, our energy, our passion. It is to give our life itself. It is something for which it is worth dying.

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To know if anything we create was worth the effort, there is a simple test. We simply need to stand back and look what we created and ask, “Is, or was, it good?”

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total duration: 1h 0m over 1 session(s)
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languages: English
duration: 1h 0m
fee: 1US$  (10lp)
payment: on satisfaction
delivery method: live online and self-paced

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Yanna Oliveros

description of :
I am a good listener and I am patient. I am able to communicate with students easily. I can manage my time with the activities I am into. Reading books, particularly inspirational books is one of my favorites. I am a versatile type of a person.
Teacher's qualifications:
PROFILE: fluency in english. Highly accomplished quick learner with an impressive hands-on knowledge base. Grammar and Spelling check.

Education and Activities: Participated in Taekwondo Association for 5years. Developed customer service skills. Volunteer in medical mission. Participated in music association.
's preferred teaching style:
Class participation, demonstration, recitation, and memorization are some of the teaching methods I will use. I need to be flexible and willing to adjust the style according to my students.

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