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Get Control of Your Household Budget

tutoring & advice

 with Consuelo Heath

short description:
A course to increase knowledge and skill for developing and managing a household budget
long description:
This course consists of four one-hour sessions of lecture and discussion. The student will also complete three out-of-class assignments so that, by course completion, he will have developed his household budget for better control and management of personal finances.

The student will benefit from having use of Microsoft Excel software, but this is not a requirement.
level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
Two sessions a week for two weeks. Mondays and Thursdays should allow sufficient time for the student to complete his assignments in between sessions. The Student should let me know what times are best for him and I'll see if that works for me. My schedule is fairly flexible.
fee comments:
 session structure





Session #1

live session

o What can a household budget do for you?
o Where does your money come from?
o Where does your money go?
o Assignment

1h 0m

Session #2

live session

o Ways to control children’s spending
o The cost of pet ownership
o Some tips for saving money
o Live within your means – smart spending
o Tools for tracking your household spending
o Assignment

1h 0m

Session #3

live session

o Tips and tricks for managing your bank accounts
o Tips and tricks for paying bills
o Tips and tricks for credit card use
o The importance of an emergency cash savings fund
o Assignment

1h 0m

Session #4

live session

o The importance of saving for retirement
o How good is your credit and why you should care
o Course wrap up

1h 0m

discussion forums: 1

fee: 60US$  (600lp)
payment: at booking
delivery method: live online

Quick Help

United States

Consuelo Heath

description of :
I was born in Bogota, Colombia of an American Father and Barbadian Mother. I grew up in Barbados and moved to the United States when I was twenty years old. I joined the US Air Force and retired in 2003 after serving for 20+ years in the US Air Force/Air Guard. In the 1990's I cofounded and managed a small typesetting and graphics company while serving in the Air National Guard as a Satellite Communications Technician and, later, as a First Sergeant. I have a Bachelor degree in Computer Science and have taken college level courses in Accounting. I also trained with H&R Block for Individual Tax Return preparation and provided that service for several years to private clients. In the late 1990's, I gained numerous Information Technology certifications and subsequently worked as an IT engineer. With my military background and training, it was not long before I found myself on the management side of IT, serving a well-known South Carolina law firm as their IT Director for several years and then a large DOE contractor in Tennessee in charge of the IT Client Services group. In December 2009, I resigned my position in Tennessee to take time off to travel in my motor home, write, paint and teach.
Teacher's qualifications:
I have 25+ years of experience in helping to develop skills and build knowledge in people from all walks of life. I have performed as a facilitator, instructor, course writer, and mentor in subjects ranging from electronics systems, computer technology, management, communications, leadership, and supervision. I also tutor students in Elementary Mathematics, Natural Science, and English Essay writing. Finally, I am experienced in personal budget counseling and am a big believer that, with some help and training, almost any person can get control of his finances and improve his situation.
's preferred teaching style:
My teaching style is to balance course content with specific needs and interests of the student. I use a course outline to keep things on track and provide the student with material he can refer to later. During our online sessions, I present information and also encourage student discussion and interaction. In the case of my course “Get Control of Your Household Budget,” I give out-of-class assignments that are building blocks: by course completion, the student has developed his household budget for better control and management of his finances.

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