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Friendly, Young American Offering English Tutoring

tutoring & advice

 with Katherine Welch

short description:
English Language: All Aspects. All Levels Welcome!
long description:
I am a native English speaker (American) who would love to help
people around the world learn English. Any and all levels are
welcome, and I will help with/teach any aspects of learning
English (conversation, writing/grammar help, vocabulary, test
preparation, etc).
level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
Mondays: evenings after 8:00 PM Central
Standard Time, until 12:00 AM.
Tuesdays: evenings after 7:30 PM CST, until
12:00 AM.
Wednesdays: evenings after 8:00 PM until
12:00 AM CST.
Thursdays: evenings after 7:00 PM until
12:00 AM, CST.
Fridays: evenings after 9:00 PM until 12:00
Saturdays: after 10:00 AM until 12:00 AM
Sundays: after 3:30 PM until 12:00 AM CST.
fee comments:
per hour long session.
 session structure





Friendly, Young American Offering English Tutoring

live session

English Language: All Aspects. All Levels Welcome!

1h 0m

languages: English
fee: 15US$  (150lp)
payment: at booking
delivery method: live online and self-paced

Quick Help

United States

Katherine Welch

description of :
I'm very enthusiastic about language and
culture, and about teaching. I currently
student teach French at a high school in the
US, and will receive my teaching
certifications in French, ESL, and Japanese
in May 2010 after completely student
teaching in my other two areas. I am very
passionate about learning and believe that
anyone can learn a language.
Teacher's qualifications:
Katherine M. Welch
400 S. Rotherwood Dr. # South 103 •
Evansville, IN 47714 • (720) 563-9550 •

OBJECTIVE Online tutoring position
French, and/or English

SUMMARY Passion for helping students expand
horizons; French, Japanese and Korean
language skills
Enjoy interacting with culturally
diverse populations; Ability to engage
students in learning

Technology Skills Smart Board
Microsoft Office Explorer

EDUCATION B.S. French Education
Minor: Japanese and ESL Expected May
Evansville, IN G.P.A. 3.588
PRAXIS I – Complete; PRAXIS II –
Spring 2011

Seoul, South Korea Summer 2010
• Developed understanding of
language, culture and history of Korea

France Fall 2009
• Participated in language
immersion program while taking classes and
teaching English

England Spring 2009
• Gained independence and
broader cultural understanding while
studying abroad and
traveling in 6 European

TEACHING Benjamin Bosse High School
Evansville, IN September 2010 – Present
EXPERIENCE • Planned lessons and
created tests and quizzes for freshman
through senior students taking
French I-IB 4/5
• Incorporated technology such
as PowerPoint and YouTube as well as French
music into
lessons to increase student
involvement and engagement in learning
• Utilized Total Physical
Response to increase retention for students
of all learning abilities
• Cooperated with supervising
teacher, administrators and parents to
create a healthy
community for students

Intensive English Center University of
Evansville September 2008 – Present
• Tutored 3 international
students focusing on speaking and grammar
for English language

Washington Middle School Evansville, IN
January – May 2010
• Taught 7th and 8th grade French,
creating lessons based on Indiana Academic
• Designed supplemental
activities such as crossword puzzles, games
and artwork to
reinforce material covered
by textbook
• Implemented classroom
management techniques including positive
reinforcement to
encourage appropriate

Department of Foreign Languages University
of Evansville January – May 2010
• Acted as a supplemental instructor
for French assisting college students with
grammar and other

College Cleunay Rennes, France
September – December 2009
• Assisted English Professor by
working with small groups to increase
vocabulary and
improve conversational fluency
• Presented information on American
culture to nurture the understanding and
for English-speaking world

LEADERSHIP French Club (President) ENL
Fellowship (President) Japanese Club (Vice-

ACTIVITIES International Student Club
Newman Club Indiana Student Educators

's preferred teaching style:
I believe in a student-centered and active
learning environment. My lessons are usually
focused on keeping the students engaged in
learning. I attempt to accomplish this by
using student interests to drive the lesson
and to catch their attention. I also make
sure to have a variety of activities
incorporated into the body of the lesson,
ensuring that the students remained
captivated by the topic, and keeping the
classroom active. As a foreign language
teacher, I want students to explore the
depths of language, and use what their
learning about the language and culture I am
teaching as a way to explore the world. I
accomplish this through weekly culture
lessons, and I also begin the period with a
culture fact of the day and idiomatic
expression. I use these culture lessons to
not only inform the students about the
country and language of study, but also to
get the students to critically examine their
own culture and make comparisons and
connections. In fact, I try to emphasize the
connections between languages and cultures
every day no matter what I'm teaching. When
I'm teaching vocaulary, I point out cognates
and indicate origins of English words. When
I'm instructing the students on a
grammatical topic, we compare the topic to
their native language. It is my belief that
through the study of language people can
come to an understanding of one another;
language is, for me, a way to promote world
peace, as well as cultural awareness,
understanding, and acceptance.
When it comes to discipline, I believe in
positive reinforcement. A classroom should
be structed so that a child is set up for
success, and employing positive
reinforcement helps accomplish this. A
student does not go into a classroom wishing
to hear everything they can not do. Rather,
they are looking for encouragement and
support from their teachers. If a teacher
believes that a student can not do
something, then that student will never rise
above those expectations. However, if given
the opportunity to show themselves, students
will take learning to new heights. It is the
teacher's job to provide such opportunities.
Of course, I also believe that their needs
to be structure within the classroom. There
need to be boundaries and guidelines for
learning, otherwise the classroom becomes a
scene of chaos and the learning never

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