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Learn in 1 hour!


 with Sonya Blackmon

short description:
Learn English skills needed to be successful in your daily life and career.
long description:
Polished and professional English instructor with over 30 years of instructional experience. Learn the basic and advanced English skills needed to advance your career in as little as 8 short weeks, you will advance to levels you never thought possible through exploring the secrets of phonics,sentence structure,the usage of correct grammar and punctuation. Learn from an instructor with advanced degrees and the knowledge to take your career and daily conversational English to the next level.
level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
Monday- 7am-8am EST (America)
Tuesday- 3pm-4pm EST and 4pm-5pm EST
Wednesday- 3pm-4pm EST and 4pm-5pm EST
Thursday- 3pm-4pm EST and 4pm-5pm EST
Friday- 9pm-10pm and 10pm-11pm EST
fee comments:
Fees are based on one hour of class room instruction time
 session structure





Learn in 1 hour!

live session

Learn English skills needed to be successful in your daily life and career.

1h 0m

total duration: 1h 0m over 1 session(s)
comments: Class time includes 45 minutes of instruction and teaching and 15 minutes skill bulding conversation exercises.

discussion forums: 1

Available to book on the following pre-scheduled starting dates:

start: (GMT) 25 October 2010 11:00 internet time: @500 | view full details |

languages: English
duration: 1h 0m
fee: 30US$  (300lp)
payment: at booking
delivery method: live online and self-paced

Quick Help

United States

Sonya Blackmon

description of :
Professional English instructor with over 30 years of experience.
Teacher's qualifications:
I hold several advanced degrees with an emphasis on English. I am the co-owner of a tutoring service that primarily focuses on English as a second language and Math.
's preferred teaching style:
I believe that understanding and learning phonics is one of the most important ways to master the English language. Mastering phonics will help you unlock the door to understanding the English. My method of teaching is quite simple you most start from the basics, understanding the root of words and building on them to form new words and relating them to the phonics of each word that is similar.

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