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The Bare Bones Fitness Journey

insights & perspectives

 with Jason Rutz

short description:
The ‘Bare Bones’ experience is an exciting and educational journey into the world of exercise, eating, fat loss and personal growth. The book is a short and sweet road map to keep as a future ready-reference. There are three parts that meld together pro
long description:

Welcome to the
Bare Bones Fitness Journey!

The Bare Bones Fitness Journey
is dedicated to the
billions of exercisers…

and especially dedicated to those
just beginning.

Information contained in this book is not to take the place of any physicians
recommendations. Consult a physician before starting this or any other exercise

Copyright 1999 by Jason D. Rutz, IBN# TX 5-144-828

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any manner
whatsoever without written permission of the publisher / author.

This publication is designed to provide foundational and helpful information in
regard to the subject matter. It is sold with the understanding that the publisher
/ author is not engaged in rendering medical or any other expert service. If
medical or other expert assistance is required, the services of a competent
professional in that field should be sought.

Printed in the United States of America
The Thrilling Journey!

1) Introduction 2

2) Table Of Contents 4

3) The Beautiful Vision 8

4) Preparation For Your Journey! 10
i) Stepping Stone #1.A; The Pre-Test 12
ii) Stepping Stone #1.B; Complete the ‘Testing Tracker’ 19
iii) Stepping Stone #2; Doctors Approval 21
iv) Stepping Stone #3; Read The Material Once 21

5) The Discovery 23
i) Fitness Frustration 23
1. Your Beginning
2. What Went Wrong?
3. Lumberjack Story
4. Step-by-Step, But Beware!
ii) The Dramatic Story Of Your Metabolism 27
1. The Engine
2. Low Calories
3. Trial And Error
4. Bad Timing
iii) Diets 30
1. Fat Free
2. High Protein
iv) Common Exercise Mistakes 31
v) Importance Of Education 33
vi) Worksheets For ‘The Discovery’ 35

6) Eating Down To The Bone 37
i) Your Basal Metabolism (Out #1) 38
1. Genetics
2. Age
3. Fat-Free Mass
4. Surface Area
5. Temperature
6. Hormones
7. History Of Dieting
8. Menopause
9. Thermal Effect of Food (TEF)
ii) Out #2, Resting Metabolism Rate (RMR) 41
iii) Your Factory Components 42
1. Simple Sugars
2. Fat
3. Complex Carbs
4. Protein
5. Vitamins And Minerals
6. Water And Fiber
iv) Out #3, Total Energy Expenditure, (TEE) 45
1. Hormones
2. Daily Activities
3. Exercise
4. Cumulative Effect
v) Food: The ‘In’ 47
1. Timing
2. Composition
3. Amount
4. Putting it together
vi) Food Tips 50
1. Creativity
2. Overcook
3. Fuel Tank
4. Travel, Etc.
5. Supplements
vii) Worksheets For “Eating Down To the Bone” 54

7) Putting Meat On Your Bones 58
i) Factors For You To Consider. 59
ii) Weight Training’s ‘Still Believed’ Myths 60
1. Spot Reducing
2. Bulkiness
3. Circuits
iii) Your Exercise Beginning 61
1. Simplified Full Body Routine
2. Form And Breathing
3. First Results
iv) The Conditioning Stage 66
1. Full Body Routine
2. Aerobics Class
3. Yoga
4. Evaluation
v) More Routine Types 70
1. Two-Day Split
2. Three-Day Split
3. Other Splits
vi) Exciting Training Techniques 71
1. Pyramid
2. Superset
3. Assisted
4. Breakdown
5. Eccentric
6. Monitored Circuit
vii) Plateau 73
viii) Body Fat Percentage 73
ix) Soreness 74
x) Worksheets For “Putting Meat On Your Bones” 75

8) How To Move Your Skeleton 78
i) Training Effect Verses Fat Loss 78
ii) Factors To Consider For You 80
iii) Judging Intensity 81
1. Talk Test
2. Maximum Heart Rate
3. M.E.T.S.
iv) Injuries 83
1. Overuse Injuries
2. Acute Injuries
3. What to do about them
v) Cardiovascular Stages 86
1. Initial
2. Conditioning
3. Improvement
4. Enhancement
vi) Cardiovascular Training Approaches 88
1. Continuous
2. Interval
3. Cross Training
4. Specificity
vii) Worksheets For “Moving Your Skeleton” 93

9) Skull Power 96
i) Desire
ii) Belief
iii) Mind Control
iv) Layered Knowledge
v) Planned To Fail
vi) Creativity
vii) Decision
viii) Persistence
ix) Passion
x) Worksheets For “Skull Power” 107

10) Answers to Questions 109
i) Chapter-End Questions 112
ii) Pre-Test Answers 131

11) Climbing ‘The Foothills’ 137
i) Stepping Stones #4-6 137
ii) Lifestyle Mountain 139
1. Elevation Lists
2. Scratch Paper...Day Tracker!
3. Give Me Examples!

12) ‘The Program’ Climbing the Mountainside 153
i) Stepping Stone #7 (The Exercise Objectives) 153
ii) Reminders and Hints 155
1. The BBFJ ‘Stepping Stones’ Checklist 156
2. ‘The Program’ Testing Tracker 161
3. Bare Bones Stretches 164
4. ‘The Program’ At A Glance 170
5. The ‘Tracking’ Pages 171-189

13) The Finishing Touch: Focus on the Peak! 195
i) Stepping Stones #8-9
ii) Why Fitness Professionals?

14) More Tools For Your Hike! 198

level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
Morning, afternoon and some evening.
fee comments:
Learn the experience of thousands in educational
training, a decade plus experience and a uniquely
designed course. All by a professional in the field.
 session structure





The Bare Bones Fitness Journey

live session

The ‘Bare Bones’ experience is an exciting and educational journey into the world of exercise, eating, fat loss and personal growth. The book is a short and sweet road map to keep as a future ready-reference. There are three parts that meld together pro

1h 0m

total duration: 1h 0m over 1 session(s)
comments: Pre-test, reading material, quizzes, practical real world
homework assignments, post test.

languages: English
duration: 1h 0m
fee: 199US$  (1990lp)
payment: on satisfaction
delivery method: live online and self-paced

Quick Help

United States

Jason Rutz

description of :
Nutrition and Fitness Degree and designer of this course
through experience with people wanting the fastest track
to health, toning, energy and weight loss through a
sound plan.
Teacher's qualifications:
Jason D. Rutz 16603 Sapphire Manor Weston, FL 33331
(954) 540-2663

Professional Objective: To educate and inspire a nation to
lead better lives.

Formal Education
Bachelor’s Degree 1995
Florida State University, College of Food and Human
Movement Sciences
Major: Nutrition and Fitness, B.S.

Career Related Experience

January 2003-Present
Advanced Life Solutions Inc. - President
Fitness/Health Consultant- Fitness and health solutions
in multiple aspects of personal training and prevention
care. Consulting along side a strong team consisting of
Olympic-level Exercise Physiologist, International Spa
Consultant and Alternative Medicine Practitioner. Adding
various health services into the health business
community. Built partnerships/relationships with high-
quality professionals nationwide. Helped plan and open
an event with 250 attendees with guest international
speaker Bob Proctor. 30 minutes featured on Public
WLRN Miami as Fitness Expert to a 500,000 person
viewing market.

July 2002- Present
Independent Personal Training and Public Speaking-
Career serviced 10,000+ sessions, performed over one
hundred seminars to the public, written hundreds of
pages worth of educational materials for clients.
Implemented an educational group program at a fitness
facility with great success; wrote guidelines, materials
and facilitated programs. 19 years CPR Certified.

August 2010- Present
Wellness Presenter and Health Coach for Cigna. Perform
hour length seminars in groups of 10-40 and individual
health coaching to corporate employees and executives.

May 2010-Present
Sprunk-Janson Florida Product Trainer (Consulting
Travel to Florida stores and educate retail store staff on
the herbal product line.

May 2010-Present
Wellness Consultant with I-MedicalSolutions. Trained to
be Wellness Consultant in medical clinics on an as-
needed basis.

2006 (Consulting Project)
Personal Trainer Certificate Instructor with Candy Colby.
Instructor of class for a group of new and seasoned
Personal Trainers on what it took to become a Fitness

Jan- Dec 2004 (Consulting Project)
CEC Instructor for International Sports and Fitness
Trainers Association-
Instructor for continuing education credits course for
Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and
Massage Therapist in Personal Training Certification

July 1996-June 2002
24 Hour Fitness (formerly Q, The Sports Club)
Personal Fitness Trainer- performing personal training

Southwestern Company, Sales Representative/Student
Management, book keeping and leadership training,
selling books on a door-to- door basis. Worked eighty
hours a week, giving over a thousand presentations.

Florida State University Athletic Department- Student
Athletic Trainer
Working with college athletes, performing rehabilitation
and prevention of injuries.

Additional Skills
‘Competent Communicator’ level in Toastmasters
International Speaking Club
Insurance License 2-15; Life, Health and Variable
American Council on Exercise, Nationally Certified
Personal Trainer
CPR Certification, Adult, Child and Infant 19 Years
Featured in Sun-Sentinel Newspaper, Weekly Fitness
Profile and The Herald
Excellent leadership training, excellent management
Self published Author and Speaker
PC proficient; knowledge of Windows 1998, Microsoft
Office 2000 and Macintosh
Instructor with International Sports & Fitness Trainers
Experienced Expert in Japanese Technologies for Health
and Prevention
Knowledge in Rehabilitation and multiple aspects of
Fitness/Health and Wellness.
Various Networking Activities and Internet Marketing
Continual Soccer Player and played for Tallahassee #1
College-Level Team
Athletic and Leadership Scholarship Awards in High

's preferred teaching style:
I have studied success coaches consistently for over ten
years and will employ proper, sound and encouraging
coaching skills.

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