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French Classes with guarateed success

tutoring & advice

 with Alexandra Andrei

short description:
I am delivering a French Course for adult students who attempt to either get an insight of the basic French or just want more practice of an already acquired level of this charming language
long description:
I can help students gaining insight of the French correct pronunciation, range of vocabulary and gaining the confidence of using it through interaction and purposeful conversation. It is very important to speak correctly, so grammar issues are not neglected, they are just tailor to everybody's needs and explained in a very logic manner with suitable practice during homework assignments.
level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
I am available, depending on the time zones. I am flexible with the schedule and can have classes in the morning and late afternoon and evening during week-days and week-ends
fee comments:
Depending on the level
 session structure





French Classes with guarateed success

live session

I am delivering a French Course for adult students who attempt to either get an insight of the basic French or just want more practice of an already acquired level of this charming language

1h 0m

languages: English
fee: 25US$  (250lp)
payment: on satisfaction
delivery method: live online

Quick Help

United Kingdom

Alexandra Andrei

description of :
Bonjour! je m'appelle Alexandra and I am a qualified French teacher in UK, with 5 years experience in private and online tutoring. I have very friendly manner, very professional and I find it easy to liaise with people from all sorts of professional backgrounds due to my very open-minded nature.
Teacher's qualifications:
Dynamic and enthusiastic MFL teacher committed to motivate students and their passion for learning through teaching the fundamentals of FRENCH language in the most interactive way. Being open to new methods of teaching, I have a strong talent to develop and implement the curriculum in a creative manner that enables every student to learn with fun and overcome obstacles to practice their knowledge. I have experience in teaching at both primary and secondary level and give guidance and assistance in times of difficulties in the subject.

To use both my skills and experience in promoting a positive atmosphere and higher quality education among children. I am seeking for a challenging and responsible position which would enable me to use my abilities in the most efficient way to the students’ benefit.


• Have excellent communication skills to present learning effectively and proven ability to stand in front of groups of children of different ages and backgrounds and interact efficiently
• Can create an enthusiastic environment and make learning a happy journey for the students
• Have a great ability of treating each student as an individual and cater for students of all abilities by making good use of various learning and teaching techniques of foreign languages (FRENCH and EFL)
• Have experience of working in challenging environments as well as working under pressure in order to meet objectives
• Making use of computer resources and educational software for an interactive learning process
• Organizing and supervising extracurricular activities: school trips and festival days as well as drama clubs ( as a member of drama club during high school, I can develop the students’ potential in this field)
• Real passion for French and foreign languages in general and commitment to keep up-to-date knowledge in the French field


• Qualified Teacher Status, General Teaching Council for England Dec 2009
• Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Faculty of Letters
Bachelor in Philology, French Linguistics – English Linguistics 2004-2008

Extracurricular Course of ‘Theory and Methods of Training and Pedagogical Practice’
– awarded Teacher Qualification
• British Council, Bucharest, Cambridge Advanced Certificate March 2004
• A.T. Laurian National College, Botosani, Romania
Bilingual profile – Intensive French and English (3 A-levels, French, English, Geography) 2000-2004
• French Teacher for Cover in Derby Sep 2010

o French language cover for Y3 and Y4 through very interactive methods
o Doing fun games and activities for improving the students’ level
o Making sure all the students are engaged in the lesson and giving them support when needed
o Making sure I establish a good report with the students and the other teachers

• French teacher Assistant (Volunteer) Nov 2009 - May 2010
Saint Thomas More Catholic School, Leicester, UK

o Working alongside the French teacher to support learning activities for primary students
o Using various fun and interactive activities together with the class teacher to develop vocabulary and listening skills for French among children
o I took responsibility of engaging all children in the lesson and make sure to correct their mistakes in an encouraging manner as well as develop their creativity
o Supported students in lessons and provided appropriate care and guidance
o Taking part in extracurricular activities such as school trips or foreign language days raising their interest for learning in a very pleasant way

• MFL Teacher for ages 4-10 July 2008 - Dec2008
Kidzone Afterschool, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

o Prepare classroom for daily activities and working collaboratively with the Music and Dance teachers
o Taking the responsibility of delivering story-telling sessions to children in order to develop their French and English vocabulary and creativity
o Assisting some students with homework tasks and making corrections in an encouraging and positive manner
o Making sure I engage parents/guardians on a regular basis through phone calls or discussions about the students’ progress

• Student teacher of MFL 2007-2008
Emil Racovita National College, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

o Taking responsibility for all aspects of classroom teaching: planning the lessons (developing and submitting the lesson plans), classroom organization and assessment of students’ progress
o Keep Student Teacher journal and notebook of plans which is to be observed and signed by cooperative teacher
o Teaching EFL and French at all levels (primary and secondary) through plays and interactive activities to make children learn with ease and increase their interest and attention for foreign languages

's preferred teaching style:
I use very interactive methods, I am very patient and have the sense of humour which is sometimes essential just to make the student's progress easier and make him gain confidence and be at ease with the knowledge covered. I have a collection of resources which prove very useful as the student is able to remember very well the points discussed through games or puzzles and listening as well as speaking, the information does not come like a sole presentation, but as a very good explanation coupled with practice. In the virtual classroom I think the essential is the good interaction, the speaking part which contains the corrections made in a very constructive manner. everything is then concluded in some support sheets sent to the student after the class

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