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Music teacher

tutoring & advice

 with Lisa Pearce

short description:
Music theory and playing guitar and piano
long description:
Piano, Guitar
My Background in Music:
My inspiration first started when I was seven years old and in second grade. I was pondering if I wanted to dedicate myself to the music field. A substitute piano teacher came in that day and played and my admiration decided me to pursue this ambition for my life work. I studied and played guitar and autoharp as a child because of our lack of piano. The guitar was a gift and I played it for years and studied vocal music throughout school. When I was a young teenager I started playing with a group that I met in a barn and I was thrilled. I played in groups and studied privately with such greats as Michelle Barone Horsefield as well as with Don Hales. I trained with studio musicians such as the Scott Steeleman Studio and continued playing for my friends and family as well as various organizations.
When I was a little older I started studying at the Community Music School at Capital University in Columbus Ohio. I studies with Joan Hall Huet and enjoyed her style and training as well as Steve Caricciola out of Capitol who played organ and taught me composition. Those are only a few of the wonderful teachers with whom I trained. When I was studying, there came an opportunity for me to study and work with the founding member of the Columbus Symphony Orchestra. He was Mr. Robert Buchsbaum of Coronet Recording Studio. I came into his studio to make a demo tape and he offered me a job. He was a fantastic engineer as well as the finest of oboists. He and I talked music for nine years together. I worked with him in so many countless ways, it would take a book to explain everything musically that I was exposed to during that time. I continued to play as well as help in the studio whenever I was needed. I recorded and wrote many original pieces and became copyrighted as well as a member of BMI and ASCAP. I won the USO talent show in 1985 and was offered the possibility of travel, but I chose to stay in Columbus. I was very blessed to have met many of the finest professors in Columbus, as they were a part of our Artist-In-Residence Series in the studio. People such as Rosemary Platt, a professor of Ohio State University, Paul Droste, TBDBITL and retired to OSU marching band director. I continue to play musically with a few local musicians and write music and will continue to be an active force in the music field as well as teach other people how to be fine musicians.
I have been involved within the music industry for many years. My credits include working almost ten years in a classical recording studio of high reputation. I have trained with many fine teachers and have grown to love the music field more and more. My goal is to expand your knowledge into a lifetime love for the music field and not to frustrate you with seemingly impossible tasks.
Children and Adults:
I love children and have worked many years with all age groups as well as with adults. I have the patience and good disposition necessary to help you enjoy the musical experience.
The methods that I use while on a steady course with an accredited system will also include learning how to enjoy music, write music and read music. I have people who are devoted to music and who will have it in their lives always because of my guidance.

level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
Online there is some flexibility.
fee comments:
This fee entails four 30 minute classes
 session structure





Music teacher

live session

Music theory and playing guitar and piano

1h 0m

languages: English
fee: 100US$  (1000lp)
payment: at booking
delivery method: live online and self-paced

Quick Help

United States

Lisa Pearce

description of :
Honors & Award

Who’s Who in Executives and Businesses
Who’s Who in Recording Assistant
USO Talent Show Winner

Professional Membership

Ohio Arts Council Member – Artist
The Highlander Club


International Piano Guild Chairman
National Honor Roll
American College of Musicians

Teacher's qualifications:
Music Showcase 2005 to present
Part time music teacher

Tunes 4 U 2000 to 2008
Owner/ Music Trainer
Music Lessons in your Home 1996 – 2004

Piano Lessons in your home 1999 to 2000
Music teacher/ management

Lisa’s Design House 1994 to 1999
Designer/ Owner

Coronet Recording Company 1985 to 1994
Recording, studio work, graphics, music, audition preparation,
Production, advertising, marketing, grant preparation, composing
's preferred teaching style:
I teach by researching what you want and understanding how you learn. I am excellent at reading between the lines and am fast and efficient. I keep my appointments and make sure that the information is delivered.

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