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Taking the fear out of public speaking

tutoring & advice

 with Rebecca Smith

short description:
By mastering three basic skills for public speaking, become a fearless public speaker and learn to love being in front of a group.
long description:
Taking the fear out of public speaking will help the learner to overcome fears of public speaking. The three basic skills that will be mastered are the following: knowledge of subject, knowledge of audience, and practice. Students will learn how to research a topic and the best manner to organize the topic for discussion. Second the student will learn how to optimize essential information about the audience. This will also go hand in hand with research for the topic and to know what needs to be taught and/or discussed. Finally, students will practice their skills. First through one on one role play in front of an audience of one, then to small groups and on to larger groups.
level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
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Taking the fear out of public speaking

live session

By mastering three basic skills for public speaking, become a fearless public speaker and learn to love being in front of a group.

1h 0m

languages: English
fee: 75US$  (750lp)
payment: on satisfaction
delivery method: live online and self-paced

Quick Help

United States

Rebecca Smith

description of :
Most of my teaching experience has come from training and supervising in the work place. I have been a trainer in every job that I have ever held. I also have supervisory experience.
Teacher's qualifications:
UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX - Phoenix, AZ 1999 – 2007
Admissions Evaluator
Academic Counseling Supervisor and Regional Trainer
Phoenix Campus

Supervisory Role:
• Supervised seven Academic Counselors for Education and Helping Profession programs.
• Performed job performance evaluations.
• Resolved escalated student issues as they pertained to academic advisement.
• Worked with Enrollment, Admissions, and Academic Affairs managers to resolve program issues.
Training Role:
• Researched and identified training needs for Academic Counselors.
• Facilitated monthly training meetings to ensure standardized practices.
• Coordinated completion of training manual with Regional Training Team
Advisement Role:
• Served as student advocate and liaison with university management, Academic Affairs, and Financial Services.
• Counseled students on University policies and procedures.
• Facilitated new student orientation meetings.
• Provided academic advisement for undergraduate and graduate students.
• Maintained student database.

's preferred teaching style:
My teaching method lends itself to a discussion leader rather than a lecturer. I believe in presenting information and asking participants to share their thoughts on the subject. By doing this I can create a teaching atmosphere where students can learn from not only the information I have presented but also the experiences of those in their classroom.

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