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Understanding the Business Pages


 with Bilal Ilahi

short description:
Businessmen, people working in the corporate and public sector and business studentss are not used to read the business section of the dailynewspapers. They are therefore unable to understand the macro-economic environment of their busines
long description:
Today’s business environment is changing at a fast pace and one needs to stay abreast of the news. Businessmen, people working in the corporate sector, public sector and M.B.A. and B.B.A. students are usually not used to reading the Economic and Business sections of the daily newspapers like The New York Times, The Times of London etc. They are therefore unable to understand the macro-economic environment of businesses. Reading the business pages and understanding their contents may well be the competitive edge one needs to excel in today’s tough job market. This course provides the foundation and the background necessary to understand the currencies, capital & commodities markets, monetary & fiscal policy, current account deficit, International trade and WTO. The definitions, terminologies and concepts one is likely to come across in the business pages are fully discussed and explained.


After completing this course you:
• Would be able to read and analyze the Economic and Business sections of daily newspapers.
• Would be able to make a connection between what you studied in college textbooks and the real business world.
• Would be able to develop a life long habit of reading the business pages for 10 minutes every day. This is like reading 3 books every year ( & that too the latest edition )
• Would become more effective in your job.
• Would be better prepared for job and promotion interviews.

Course Material:

1. Handbook to be given by the instructor.
2. Daily newspaper (Business Section).
3. “The Economist” magazine ( one issue identified by the facilitator)
4. World Atlas.

Course Outline:

1. The relationship between GDP growth, Unemployment and Inflation. Business Cycles. Sub-prime mortgage crisis in the US.
2. Fiscal Policy fundamentals. The Budget of the U.S. Fiscal Stimulus Package.
3. Monetary Policy fundamentals. Monetary Policy of major Central Banks e.g. The Fed, European Central Bank, The Bank of Japan and The Bank of England.
4. Currency Markets. How does Monetary & Fiscal Policy affect the value of currencies? A close look at the US$, Euro, Yen, Pound Sterling and the Chinese Yuan. “Flight from safety”, “$ Carry Trade”, “Safe Havens”
5. Commodities Markets. A close look at Crude Oil, Gold, Palm Oil, Wheat and Cotton. What are some of the supply and demand factors? How does the value of the US $ affect commodity prices.
6. Capital Markets. The role of the regulators like SEC in the US. How do capital markets, currency markets and commodities markets interact with each other.
7. International Trade.
a.)The role of WTO.
b.) Economic Integration. A close look at ASEAN, NAFTA and the EU.


• On-line Lectures.
• On-line chats.
• Individual Presentations.
• Surprise Quizzes.
• Mid Term and Final Exams.

level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
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 session structure





Understanding the Business Pages

live session

Businessmen, people working in the corporate and public sector and business studentss are not used to read the business section of the dailynewspapers. They are therefore unable to understand the macro-economic environment of their busines

30h 0m

total duration: 30h 0m over 1 session(s)
comments: 20 sessions of 1.5 hours each.

discussion forums: 1

Available to book on the following pre-scheduled starting dates:

start: (GMT) 26 November 2010 09:00 internet time: @417 | view full details |

duration: 30h 0m
fee: 90US$  (900lp)
payment: at delivery
delivery method: self-paced

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Bilal Ilahi

description of :
Visiting Faculty of three Business Schools in Lahore, Pakistan. Also a Corporate Trainer.
Teacher's qualifications:
Educational Qualifications:
1978: M.B.A. University of Tulsa, (U.S.A).
1973: Bachelors in Commerce. Punjab University, Lahore Pakistan.

Business & Work Experience:
2006-Present: Self Employed. Management Consultant and Trainer.
1991-2004: CEO / Director, Granada Textile Mills, Lahore, Pakistan.
Granada Textile Mills is a yarn manufacturing textile mills of 19, 000 spindles capacity exporting to S. Korea, Turkey, Hong Kong etc. and selling in the local market in Pakistan. 1988-1991: CEO, Metrocon, Lahore, Pakistan. Metrocon was a construction firm involved in the building of single family homes in Lahore, Pakistan.
1980-1988: President / Director. Inns Management Inc. Santa Fe, NM, USA. Inns Management Inc, incorporated in New Mexico was a motel management co.
1978-1980: Officer. Bank of Credit and Commerce International. Lahore. Pakistan.

Training Experience:
2006-Present: Conducted workshops for MCB Bank, National Bank of Pakistan, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP), The Civil Services Academy, Habib Bank Ltd, Bank of Punjab, Bank Alfalah, United Bank Limited, Allied Bank Limited, Pakistan State Oil, NIBAF (State Bank of Pakistan) etc. on topics relating to Macro-economics and Management.
1) “Understanding the Business Pages” (8-16 hours)
2) “Understanding the Financial Press”
3) “Monetary Policies and Currencies”
4) “The Banking System” (Habib Bank Limited, Module S-8)
5) “China Price and its impact on Pakistan’s exports” . 6) “The Economics of Crude Oil” (4 hours)
7) “Creative problem solving” (8 hours)
8) “Communication Skills for Better Customer Service”
9) “Business Communication”

Teaching Experience (visiting faculty):
2002- Present: Taught Management, Marketing & Macro-economics to Executive MBA and BBA classes at Beaconhouse Business School, Lahore (in collaboration with Curtin University, Australia) and ICBS Lahore.

Articles published on management and economic issues in The DAWN (Pakistan’s largest English daily newspaper) and The Business Recorder (Pakistan’s largest daily business newspaper)
Currencies & Commodities analyst for Business Plus TV Channel.
Widely traveled in North America, Europe and Asia.

's preferred teaching style:
My class sessions are extremely interactive. I constantly look for feedback from my students to ensure everyone is with me. My credo (like the US marines) "We dont leave anyone behind"

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