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Writing for All Purposes

tutoring & advice

 with Sabri Bebawi

short description:
I have been a college teacher for almost 20 years, educating students at many colleges and universities. My educational background includes law, journalism, and English education, with a Ph.D. in education and instructional technology.
long description:
Many adult learners have excellent educations, training, and skill; however, their
dreams of success elude them in English-speaking countries because they cannot
write effectively. This course will show participants what English readers expect
and how writing can achieve your goals.

Participants will learn about the entire writing process and its five stages:
prewriting, outlining, writing, revising, and editing. In the first two stages, they
will see how to generate and then focus your ideas. In the writing and revising
stages, learners will discover how to write clearly focused topic sentences and
thesis statements, which will guide them in writing logical, unified paragraphs
and essays. In the final stage, you will refine and perfect your work, making it free
of grammatical and punctuation errors.

Along the way, participants will also gain important critical thinking skills and
learn some techniques for writing concisely, something that is highly valued in
English writing. When learners finish this course, they will be able to write clearly,
logically, and cohesively, and will be able to apply what you have learned in any
academic or work setting.
level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
Any time - California, USA day time
fee comments:
Fee includes complete course (12 lessons in 4 weeks)
with materials. Fee is per student

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Writing for All Purposes

live session

I have been a college teacher for almost 20 years, educating students at many colleges and universities. My educational background includes law, journalism, and English education, with a Ph.D. in education and instructional technology.

1h 0m

Available to book on the following pre-scheduled starting dates:

start: (GMT) 09 September 2010 17:00 internet time: @750 | view full details |

languages: English
fee: 120US$  (1200lp)
payment: at booking
delivery method: live online and self-paced

Quick Help

United States

Sabri Bebawi

description of :
I have been teaching ESL, English Journalism, and
Instructional Technology for many years and have been a
tenure professor at SJCC for 14 years. I have extensive
training and experience in online learning and teaching.
Currently, I teach online classes which I have developed
for SJCC and for Education to Go. I have an Online
Teaching Certificate in Online Teaching from UCLA and
my PhD focused on that, too.
I have, in cooperation with my friend and colleague,
Professor Kathleen Hanson, developed a very successful
Language Lab for SJCC. You can review it at Additionally, I have had my
own web site for many years and my students find it to
be a very useful tool for learning. You can access that at
You can find my resume at
instructor.htm You may also like to read a reference
letter from Professor Martha Kandall at
Teacher's qualifications:

PhD., Education and Educational Technology
UCLA & Capella University (Dissertation)
Graduate Teaching Certificate
Online Teaching Post-Graduate Certificate, UCLA
Master of Science in English Education
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages,
University of Fullerton, California.
Bachelor of Arts in Communications
University of Fullerton, California, Journalism,
Radio, Television, and Film.
LL.B. Faculty of Law
Cairo University, Egypt.


San Jose City College
Professor, Language Arts Division & Instructional

Thomson Learning, Inc
Teaching Online Advanced Grammar and Writing
courses throughout the world.


Long Beach City College, Long Beach, California
Teaching credit and transfer courses in language skills.
Developed, implemented and maintained a CALL writing
program. Served several committees including
accreditation, selection, budget advisory and technology.
North Orange County Community College District,
Cypress & Fullerton
Colleges, Curriculum Advisor and Developer.
Restructured the ESL Curricula Published by Heinle and
Heinle; first publishing September 1999.
Golden West College
Teaching credit and transfer courses. Emphasis on
Reading and Writing Courses. Launched the department's
first online course .
Rancho Santiago College, Santa Ana, California
Teaching non-credit adult education ESL&VESL and Basic
Survival Skills for new refugees. Served on the ESL
committee, developed and presented staff development
workshop on the teaching of grammar, and developed
and implemented a special competency-based
Fullerton College, Fullerton, California
Professional Development Institute (PDI) on site ESL, VESL
and Basic Skills training - many sites
El Camino College, Torrance, California
Workplace Learning Center; worked on several successful
programs in the capacity of curriculum design and
Berlitz School of Languages, International Schools
Developed courses and taught two languages; worked as
language coach and culture advisor for the movie
"Protocol" with Goldie Hawn and Richard Romanos under
the direction of Herbert Ross
UCC Education Center, Long Beach, California
Vice Principal / Instructor ESL-VESL and High School
Subjects. My duties included supervising teachers and
assistants, maintaining program budget, writing reports
and writing proposals.

Editor and Copy-Editor
Harte-Hanks Communications; KIQQ Radio; APS News;
Al-Safa News; AATV; News Circle; Middle East Business

Publications and Awards
Poet of Merit Award, 1989; The American Poetry
Poet of the Year Nomination, 1988; APA Honorary Board
Member, Arab-American Press Guild, LA
Recent Feature Article

The Non-Native Myth
Interview: Faculty Matters

Community College Full Credentials, Fully Satisfied; Life
Including Communication Services & Journalism
Professional Organizations

Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, Inc.
California Teachers Association
National Education Association of the United States.
Continuing Education Faculty Association
's preferred teaching style:
Using technology such as Skpye, students will be able to
arrange for live conferences with me to ask questions
about the materials and to actively participate in a
student-centered dialogue with the instructor.
Participants' writing samples will be thoroughly
evaluated with constructive comments and e-mailed
back to the student. Students will have access to the
instructor any time during the day throughout the

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