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mathematics and physics for high school

tutoring & advice

 with Shubham Garg

short description:
1.5 years of teaching experience; have helped numerous students get a very high score in SAT, GRE and schools exams
long description:
mathematics and physics for high school;

apart from a strong mathematics and physics foundation for high
school education, I have involved students in experiments from
across the nation which helps them learn practically. example
experiments to measure the distance between the sun and the
earth practically and calculate the circumference of earth.

I was also the chief engineer of india's first private
satellite by students TubeSat-1 which further enhanced my
knowledge in involving maths and physics in daily life.

level of difficulty:
minimum class size:
12pm - 9pm (mon - sat) usa est
3pm - 10pm (sun) usa est
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mathematics and physics for high school

live session

1.5 years of teaching experience; have helped numerous students get a very high score in SAT, GRE and schools exams

1h 0m

languages: English
fee: 30US$  (300lp)
payment: at delivery
delivery method: live online

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Shubham Garg

description of :
I have worked in 100+ high schools teaching
maths, physics and astronomy to over 10,000
in India over a period of 1.5 years and want
to continue doing that. We all agree
students are taught subjects like math and
physics in a mundane manner, because of
which they lose their curiosity. My teaching
manner involves a practical based learning
through which students see all of it
applicable in their real world in a normal
day. through online tutoring i can reach out
to more students, and help them look at the
world differently, learn from it and always
ask the questions 'why?'.
Teacher's qualifications:


Personal Details:

: Shubham Garg
Date of Birth
: 18th January, 1986
: Indian
Languages Known :
English, Hindi

Completed B.E. in Electrical and Electronics
engineering in July 2008

Academic Records:

1. Pre Engineering:

 Exam Passed : AISSCE 2002
[Grade 10]
 School : Birla Vidya
Niketan, New Delhi (CBSE)
 Score : 86.8%

 Exam Passed : AISSCE 2004
[Grade 12]
 School : Birla Vidya
Niketan, New Delhi (CBSE)
 Score : 79.6%

2. Bachelors of Engineering:

 Branch : Electrical
and Electronics Engineering
 Institute: :
Manipal Institute of Technology[MIT],
Manipal, Karnataka, India
 University :
Manipal University[MU], Manipal (formerly
known as MAHE)
 Score : CGPA 6.88/10

Computer Knowledge:

 Programming Languages :
 Operating Systems
: Windows, UNIX


 Won the best science project in 12th
for making a Cloud Chamber.
 Runners up of Sri Niyamat Rai Rajpal
Memorial Investigatory Mathematics Project
2002 for making a project on increasing the
power efficiency of trains
 Had been short listed and sent to
Udaipur Solar Observatory, India to conduct
experiments during the Venus transit in
 Winner of Space quiz 2002 at Nehru
 Winner of Student Symposium 2003 for
excellent presentation on asteroids.
 Certificate of merit for National
Science Olympiad 2000.
 Certificate of merit for National
Mathematics Examination in Manavsthali.
 Reached up to the state level of
International Astronomy Olympiad 2002.
 Securing a position in top 10% in
zonal of National Standard Examination in
Physics 2003-04.

Extra Curricular:

 Attended a national workshop on
solar photovoltaics: maintenance, repair and
installation held by the Ministry of
Renewable Energy, Govt. of India in 2006.
 Attended a workshop on advance
robotics and automation held by Appin
Knowledge Solutions, New Delhi (2003)
 Organized events in the National
level fest Tech-Tatva (2006) organized by
IEEE students branch MIT, Manipal.
 Had actively participated with the
Nehru planetarium during the Mercury transit
 Been a member of the Amateur
Astronomers Association of Delhi (AAAD)
since 2000.
 Been the president of Astronomy
Club, Birla Vidya Niketan for 2002-2004.
 Been the technical secretary for The
Astronomy Club, Manipal in year 2004,
elected the Secretary in 2005, elected the
President in 2006.

Projects/ Paper presented

 Winners of paper presentation on
astronomy (asteroid collision) at a National
level technical Incident’06 fest of NIT,
 Ongoing project on the effects of
aging on efficiency solar water heating
 Worked as assistant project manager
and chief engineer on India’s first space
mission by students: Tubesat -1 in the year

Work Experience

 Worked for Infosys (a NASDAQ listed
company ) as a software engineer for a
period of 6 months (Sept’08-March ’09)
 Worked with SPACE as a product
developer and an educator of mathematics
physics and general astronomy for a period
of 1.5 years from March 2009 till June 2010.


 Playing sports like Lawn Tennis,
Basketball, Swimming, Billiards and
 Great interest in quantum mechanics,
particle physics and astronomy.
 Personal Blog :
 Contributor to the official blog of
 Telescopes : Have built 2
o 6 inch reflector dobsonian and 8
inch reflector dobsonian

's preferred teaching style:
My style of teaching is practical oriented.
i force student to ask the question 'why?'
to everything.

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