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Comprehensive Math Assistance

tutoring & advice

 with Tobey Brady

short description:
Basic operations to calculus, Q&A or lesson set-up
long description:
I will provide tutoring to students in the broad range of math, from basic operations through calculus. I can either help with question and answer or set up a lesson on your desired topic. I have tutored many people in many math subjects over the last 10 years. I especially enjoy helping students find fundemental math misunderstandings, which are usually the reason the students seek help in the first place. If you learn using a unique style, I am proficient in many deliver methods.
level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
I am available at any time for now. If I find a regular job then I will post altered hours. I travel a fair amount but nearly always have access to the internet.
fee comments:
This is for each session that is pre-planned by request of topic. IF you have tutoring questions that can easily be answered, I will charge less.
 session structure





Comprehensive Math Assistance

live session

Basic operations to calculus, Q&A or lesson set-up

1h 0m

languages: English
fee: 20US$  (200lp)
payment: at delivery
delivery method: live online and self-paced

Quick Help

United States

Tobey Brady

description of :
I consider myself the accidental teacher. In college I knew that teaching was an option for me but I resisted getting my education degree since I thought I would lack the patience required. After I graduated, I found I was gravitating toward education-like jobs and truly enjoyed them. Then I went back to school to get my Masters. I began teaching on campus to mainly college freshman in remedial and college algebra. I realized the joy I took away form my job and knew I had made the right choice to teach. After graduation and a move to Illinois, however, I am fighting against job and budget cuts in order to teach students. I hope to teach in a high school someday soon when the schools are once again able to find new talent.
I also enjoy learning about other people, whether it is their culture, their thought process, understanding how they learn, etc. I have completed a study abroad to Japan and would love to return one day. I have a father that is Dyslexic and have some very minor problems relating to that myself. I have a husband that is ADHD, and so have learned to cope with many different ways of thinking and processing information.
Teacher's qualifications:
February, 2010 – April, 2010
USD 501: Topeka West High School
Student Teacher
Topeka, KS
Prepared lessons for three preps in block schedule: 3 classes of Algebra 2, 1 class of Algebra 1 and a daily Honors Geometry class
Planned and maintained schedule for all classes
Created assessments that measured obtainment of objectives and student progress

August, 2008 – December 2009
University of Kansas: Kansas Algebra Program
Teaching Assistant/Tutor
Lawrence, KS
Prepared and delivered daily lessons for College Algebra and Intermediate Algebra
Organized 2 classes of 24 students each semester
Tutored students one-on-one or in small groups in the help room to explain concepts and answer questions
Graded homework from classes taught and help with grading for exams of all KAP students

September, 2005 – June, 2006
Northwestern Mutual Financial Network
Sales Support Analyst
Milwaukee, WI
Trained the field force on the full range of Northwestern Mutual life insurance products
Effectively communicated product and industry knowledge in competitive situations
Manually calculated rate changes on inforce contracts
Generated sales proposals and inforce ledgers to creatively match client needs and/or agent preferences

September 2006 – May 2010
University of Kansas
Master’s of Science in Education and completion of Secondary Math Graduate Licensure Program
Study Abroad Experience to Japan: Spring 2007
15 hours completed in Master’s Level Math Courses, 27 hours of Undergraduate Math and Related Coursework

September 2000 – December 2003
University of Wisconsin - Whitewater
Bachelors in Business – International Emphasis
GPA: 3.3
Strong Emphasis in Japanese Language and Culture

's preferred teaching style:
In math, many things can easily be done online. When I am teaching to a room full of high school or college students, I implement technology whenever I can. Therefore, learning online is not that much differnt except that I cannot read the students as easily (ie body language can be hidden, etc.). I know that students learn math in different ways and if I see that a student is misunderstanding or becoming confused then I can easily, quickly and proficiently switch to a different learning style to see if that helps. I am not interested in providing answers or making a student dependent on my help. My goal is for each student to become confident in their own skills and become an independant learner.

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