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Music: Drum set techniques

tutoring & advice

 with Bill Powelson

short description:
Real World - Private, one-on-one drum set lessons
long description:
Learn to play the drum set.
Professional drum set instruction and tutoring.

I teach beginner through ultra-advanced. The student may begin without any investment towards
equipment. I'll help the student evaluate their own 'talent'

The student will learn to simulate (imagine) the instrument
in the beginning phases, and learn to execute the proper
physical movements. Then, after learning a few basic moves,
the student will then adapt those movements to the music they'll hear around them every day.

As the student plays along with the music routinely 'by ear',
they will gain the confidence and awareness as to whether or
not drumming is for them. At which time they'll be encouraged to purchase equipment, or stop the lessons, depending on
their own evaluations of their own progress.

70% of all music-lovers, could easily learn to play the drum set. The deeper their love of listening . . . the more apt
they are to discover a lifelong hobby or profession career
as a working drummer.

My original methods and techniques of instruction are
designed to bring hidden-rhythmic-talents to the surface,
in a fun, enjoyable, 'natural' way.

level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
Available for one-on-one, private online sessions. My preferred times to teach
would tend to be any day of the week
between noon and midnight. (Some of my
afternoons are already committed to
other private students, but we'll find
a time that's compatible.)
fee comments:
$15 per hour, here online. I will teach for $15 per hour,as a 'test'. My current 'private' fee is $50 per hour when I teach privately in-person. I will accept
less money in this setting, because I enjoy
staying home to do my work.
 session structure





Music: Drum set techniques

live session

Real World - Private, one-on-one drum set lessons

1h 0m

languages: English
fee: 15US$  (150lp)
payment: on satisfaction
delivery method: live online

Quick Help

United States

Bill Powelson

description of :
I'm 68 years old, semi-retired and I simply
love to make learning easy. I believe deeply in teaching the 'fun-factor'. I know
that if my student has found the 'fun' in learning, and the 'fun' in playing,
they will continue to enjoy and learn for their entire lifetime.

Teacher's qualifications:
Age 68: Began playing drums at age 9, in 1950. Have played professionally since
1955. Began teaching drums professionally
in 1965. The two vocations have been a life-long career. Since 1965, I have made
my entire living, teaching by day, and playing at night. Have owned and operated
my own music store in the past. Still teach
professionally at Yancey's Music Center, in Ormond Beach, Florida.
's preferred teaching style:
Practical, direct, logical, common-sense,
and hands-on.

I try to teach the exact knowledge one will
need in order to function as a professional
drummer in a working band.

There are specific beat structures and roll (eg; fill) structures,that every working drummer needs to know.
My objective is to cut-away unnecessary
side-tracks. We will focus directly on the students objectives, and specific musical
tastes and interests. My goal is to help
the student discover that learning to play
their own preferred music-styles and genres,
will help them expand their horizons and
learn to play ALL music styles, equally
well. They'll learn it all . . . while having the greatest time of their lives,

In other words . . . We will learn to play
their chosen music styles. All music styles
tend to follow the same general rhythmic
patterns. If we can play one style well, we find that we can easily play ANY music
style, just as well.


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