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Real Finance: Ensuring Your Access to Business Finance

professional services

 with Marc Lambrecht

short description:
The course is for anyone in need of business finance, especially, in small and medium sized enterprises. It covers the complete process of qualifying a business for institutional or private financing under the new rigorous conditions of "risk rating".
long description:
The course specifically addresses you, the owner or financial officer of a small or medium sized enterprise, or you, the prospective entrepreneur planning to set up a business. By the nature of your mission you are constantly confronted with the problem of finding adequate supplies of finance for your business.

The course is highly personalised. It takes you step by step through the process of qualifying your business for institutional financing in a globalised market environment in which rigorous "risk rating" has become the unavoidable entry test.

Through a sequence of practical assignments – the central means of instruction in this course - you acquire a thorough understanding of the concepts and international standards by which to ensure your access to loan or equity finance.

But the course not only acquaints you with those principles, it applies them, by your choice, to case material (generalised "standard course"), or to your own company or project (individualised "corporate course"), whereby the course assumes the character of professional counselling.

And what you take away from the course is not mere knowledge. The assignments are designed to create, module by module, a financial management "software" with all the tools you need for making your business attractive for private or institutional funders.

By the end of the course you will have acquired these assets:

• a currently updated financial controlling cockpit ,
• a dynamically adjusted financial planning system,
• a continuously reporting risk rating system in compliance with international standards, and
• routinely updated documentation for negotiating finance or reporting to lenders and investors.

A detailed course outline is available on request

minimum class size:
as requested
fee comments:
Standard Course – using generalized material in case study format: 600.00 US$.

Corporate Course – using the client's actual company or project data and preparing immediately usable documentation in the format of personal consultancy: 1.400.00 US$.
The fee covers a tuition/consulting term of three months, but may be extended by agreement.

The fee is payable in three equal monthly installments in arrear.

 session structure





Real Finance: Ensuring Your Access to Business Finance

live session

The course is for anyone in need of business finance, especially, in small and medium sized enterprises. It covers the complete process of qualifying a business for institutional or private financing under the new rigorous conditions of "risk rating".

1h 0m

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    Available to book on the following pre-scheduled starting dates:

    start: (GMT) 01 July 2010 08:00 internet time: @375 | view full details |

    languages: English
    fee: 600US$  (6000lp)
    payment: on satisfaction
    delivery method: self-paced

    Quick Help


    Marc Lambrecht

    description of :
    University teacher, especially, in MBA and graduate courses.
    Many years of experience in business consulting on board level.
    (See details below)

    Relevant in this context: my book The Basel II Rating, Gower, London and New York, 2005, see the publishers' book description and sample pages via the following link:

    Teacher's qualifications:
    • Economics degree of the University of Göttingen, Germany (terminal degree, MEcon equivalent).
    • International work experience: Germany, South Africa, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA.
    • Banking: (9 years) Advising executive management on the current economic environment of banking, credit rating (in commercial banking), financial analysis (in investment banking).
    - Economist of a banking group (Nedcor, Johannesburg, RSA), activities including publications and press relations.
    - Manager (initiator) of an institute of financial analysis serving the requirements of Nedcor investment bank (Nefic) as well as a number of issuing houses, mining houses and stock exchange firms (with focus on econometric environmental analysis, fundamental analysis of company accounts, technical analysis of share prices).
    • University teaching: (8 years) Jointly with a colleague in charge of the department of Economics and Public Policy at the Graduate School of Business Administration of the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg:
    - Lecturing: Macroeconomics and microeconomics to MBA students and in special courses such as Personnel Management and Management Development (aimed at business executives designated for top positions).
    - Research: Business cycle forecasting. Practical application: Integrating business cycle projections into corporate planning systems.
    Recently: Professor, School of Business, Galen University, Belize. Teaching areas: Economics, Management Strategy, Finance (including Microfinance). Research areas: Financial and strategic management, risk rating and financial controlling, especially, in an MSME context.
    • Consulting and contracting: (more than 20 years, initially concurrent with university teaching, up to the present) In independent international practice, specialising in corporate strategy and finance, consulting to clients in every sector of manufacturing, trade and services, including banks and other financial institutions. In Europe initially in association with the PROGNOS consulting group of Basle, Switzerland. In recent years specialisation in Basel II implementation issues.
    • Publications: Handbuch Risikokapital (Handbook Venture Financing), Econ, Munich 2000. The Basel II Rating, Gower, London and New York 2005.

    's preferred teaching style:
    The course is essentially a professional consulting service. Consequently, the teaching method is individual tuition in the style of a business consulting assignment.

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