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Exceptional Dr. of management

training & business skills

 with Whitney Stevens

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Have a Doctorate of Management in organixational leadership. Proficient in Management, Finance, Statistics, research, Accounting, and emotional intelligence.
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Whitney Stevens completed his Doctorate in Organizational Leadership to fill a gap in business management, business research, strategy development, high level decision support, and the overall lack of leadership skills in America. Whitney identifies strategic opportunities and critical issues that inundate today's organizations. Whitney Creates and implements action plans to align operational objectives that meet and exceed executive and board expectations.
Whitney's expertise lies in organizational assessment, analysis of complex systems, emotional intelligence as a leadership strategy, human resources, strategy development, critical thinking, performance management, performance measurement, executive and management decision support. Whitney uses traditional as well as proprietary methodologies that support dynamic business and system models, including Baldridge quality assessment process, statistical and decision support software, and performance improvement programs. Whitney has developed business models that identify weaknesses that help formulate a plan of action to strengthen and turn organizational weaknesses into strengths. One of Whitney's successful philosophies is to analyze for strengths and focus on strengths before weaknesses. This philosophies has improved organization and management performance 100 fold. Whitney is an expert author, and speaker, and advises on a range of issues, including leadership failure, leadership performance, how not to be a moronic manager, how to lead with success, how to manage difficult people, and how to use emotional intelligence as a leadership strategy.
Whitney is currently the CEO of IMMI Turbines. IMMI Turbines is an International Company that provides turn-key installations, engineering, production support, maintenance management, and industrial gas turbine overhauls, exchanges, parts, and repair services. Specialties include repair exchanges and overhaul services for industrial gas turbines used for compression and transmission including pumps, generators, compressors, power turbines, gearboxes, control system retrofits, and pipe and valve skids. Whitney is creating several additional business units to help grow IMMI 40 percent a year for the next 3 years.

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Exceptional Dr. of management

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Have a Doctorate of Management in organixational leadership. Proficient in Management, Finance, Statistics, research, Accounting, and emotional intelligence.

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United States

Whitney Stevens

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Whitney Stevens
Teaching Philosophy
Throughout my life, I have always enjoyed helping people. I am very active in helping others in need. Neighbors come to me when they need help with their home or advice on a situation they may be in. During my undergraduate work, I volunteered to teach once a week with Junior Achievement. I work hard to make America a better place through the activities I participate in. Since elementary school, I knew I wanted to make a career in management to help employees make a difference in their lives. It is not often that a young student knows what they will be doing in their career. As I grow with my career and education, I continue to strive for perfection. I have increased my knowledge as I participate on research projects that allow me to use the theories I uncover in a practical manner enhancing my abilities to teach and manage.
As I continue with my education and career, I am finding it much more desirable to transfer the knowledge and experience I have gained to others. What keeps coming to my mind is “the mind is a terrible thing to waste”. I have the enjoyment of helping and teaching others, which leads me to the path of not only further developing my mind, but the minds of others. Becoming a professor allows me to transfer knowledge with real world experience to others and enabling me to pursue research in management to publish journals, articles, and books. Research and publishing will continue to help students learn practical knowledge from me because I enjoy teaching and take an interest in what I do.
My teaching philosophy revolves around making a positive difference to every student in the classroom. I remember having a professor that taught with lectures that were boring, empty, and had little practical substance. I learned very little and did not enjoy going to class. Students did not want to register to take the class, and were only forced to take the class because of necessity. I made a vow that when I teach at a University my students will want to take my class and will end the class with substantial knowledge that can be applied to the real world. I have concluded that many research University’s create problems with the knowledge transfer because professors are more interested in research rather than the teaching aspect. This conclusion is what led me to pursue a Doctorate of Management rather than a Ph.D. I whole heartily believe that my Doctorate of Management in Organizational Leadership coupled with my real world management and CEO experience coupled with my dissertation allows me to transfer more practical knowledge to students, enhancing their learning experience.
Contrasting to the previous example brings me to a management class I had with a professor that was tough, fair, and interested in making a difference by teaching. I learned more about management from this professor, creating a desire and vow to always put the student first by teaching and allowing learning to occur.

Making students more comfortable approaching me is critical to both my success and the success of the students. Creating a class environment with a sense of direction with an introduction to the concepts of the course rather than just another methodology helps invoke stronger participation. I tend to involve more students by orchestrating class projects and case studies that are theories and experiences that have been proven effective in the real world.

Students need material that helps the learning and strategy process. Presenting teaching material that is challenging has helped get the point across and has given the students a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction from the first to last day of class.
Research has helped me learn more about a subject or topic. I am resolved to involve students with research criteria’s that not only help them learn but also teach them how to properly research a topic. This has proven to be successful and beneficial to students.

I have a strong belief of communication with all students. I communicate with students one on one to make sure they are on track with the material and assignments. I have found that one on one meetings has helped students better prepare for projects and assignments, as well as give them the confidence they need to perform exceptionally.
My strongest philosophy of teaching is to involve my students to critically think and engage in the science of the subject. My ethos, goals, vision, and teaching philosophy revolves around the success of my students and the difference I make in their lives and future careers. Making a difference by teaching is what I am about

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