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English Language Arts and Grammar

professional services

 with Elizabeth Twietmeyer

short description:
Tutoring in English, Reading, and Writing, especially at College Level
long description:
Having attended Ashford University online and graduating with a 3.77 GPA, just in September, 2009, I wrote an 8-10 paper on a variety of subjects every five weeks. I have knowledge of ways to help anyone struggling with reading and writing English.

I have been tutoring both adults and children in reading, spelling and grammar for most of my adult life and I am a Senior Adult. A major part of my formal education has been in teaching and I have taught rehabilitation, diabetes, and numerous other things to help a patient become independent in my 35+ years as an RN.
minimum class size:
I am very flexible since I have no dependents at home any longer.
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English Language Arts and Grammar

live session

Tutoring in English, Reading, and Writing, especially at College Level

1h 0m

languages: English
fee: free
delivery method: live online and self-paced

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United States

Elizabeth Twietmeyer

description of :
Currently, I volunteer with the READ center of Richmond, VA, which is the only literacy program for Richmond, VA adults as well as adults in surrounding counties. Having attended College online, I am aware of free sites online to help students of every age. I also am able to relate to anyone with a desire to learn.
Teacher's qualifications:
Have a Bachelor's Degree in Arts and Social Sciences with Distinction from Asford University. Member of Alpha Sigma Lambda. Retired RN of 35 years, Rehabilitation Nurse and Mental Health and Mental Retardation Specialist from experience of being in charge of a Group Home, medically, for 3 years. Dually challenged adults with physical and mental challenges. Also employed as Activities Direcor in another Group Home of Dually Challenged adults. This position depended on my creativity only and compliance with a very small budget and Medicaid/Medicare regulations.
's preferred teaching style:
Since I am aware of many websites where Reading, english and grammar help and skills can be helped, I would refer children to them and assign certain skills. I am also very creative and able to simply create exercises. I have material from College for teaching phonics that can be uploaded as well.

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