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Yolanda's Learning

tutoring & advice

 with Yolanda Arlee-scott

short description:
this assesment is to see how qualified I might be to tutored
long description:
This assessment is detailed i terms of wanting to have a clear understanding of my teachng and educational skills. In addition, to what type of learning style I have used in my pervious teachings
level of difficulty:
all welcome
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Yolanda's Learning

live session

this assesment is to see how qualified I might be to tutored

1h 0m

languages: English
fee: 50US$  (500lp)
payment: at delivery
delivery method: self-paced

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United States

Yolanda Arlee-scott

description of :
My name is Yolanda Arlee-Scott. I have Master's in Education: Adult Education and Training and I am currently pursing a second Master's in Education: Instruction and Curriculum. I have assisted in teaching elementary scool for (3) years
Teacher's qualifications:

Yolanda Arlee-Scott
900 Cooper’s Ridge Blvd #105.Ladson, South Carolina 29456
Email: Ph: (843) 452-1177

Dedicated to the Safety and Education of Students
Summary of Qualifications
An enthusiastic, caring educator who believes that all students can learn and thrive in a learning environment that is stimulating, comforting and appropriate to children’s abilities. Proven abilities to working in a chaotic situation and still maintain a sense of humor. Commended for excellence creativity, organizations and proactive talents. Exceptional ability to establish instant rapport with students and parents based on outstanding communication skills.
Skills/ Operating Systems:

Windows NT/2000/XP (workstations & severs) ,Windows 95/98/ME, MS, DOS, and Unix. , MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, Data Input, MS. Excel, HTML, and Web Programming, Extensive knowledge of System Analysis & Design.

Education and Training

Instruction and Curriculum, Master’s Degree, University of Phoenix, 3/2013
Adult Education and Training, Master’s Degree, University of Phoenix, 4/2009
Information Systems, Bachelor Degree, Monroe College, 4/1998
Charleston County Sheriff Office First Aide Certification, 2/2009
Commercial Driver’s License, 6/2000

Relevant Experiences and Accomplishments

· Created a safe, Comfortable, fun-learning environment for individuals of school age.
· Demonstrates patience and understanding while managing individuals learn.
· Develop, design and implement strategies as well as educational lessons for students.
· Arrange learning sessions according to the different levels of learning.
· Created instructional material and procedures consistent with individuals learning needs and behaviors.
· Implemented new activities from reading resource books to stimulate the minds of the learner.
· Maintain the attention of individuals by presenting materials in a fun and exciting manner.

Yolanda Arlee-Scott
900 Cooper’s Ridge Blvd #105.Ladson, South Carolina 29456
Email: Ph: (843) 452-1177

Dedicated to the Safety and Education of Individuals
Additional Experiences
Charleston County Sheriff Office N. Charleston, South Carolina-Detention Officer
1/2009 – 11/2009
Conducting security walks and headcounts.
•Performing inmate cell searches and inmates
•Performing strip searches of inmates.
•Conducting continual visual surveillance of inmates and various areas of detention facilities.
•Providing inmate services, recreation, serving meals, visitation and clothing exchanges.
•Selecting and operating appropriate buttons, switches and knobs used to control doors, sliders, and communication systems.
•Monitoring and controlling all activities regarding inmate movement.
•Pursuing fleeing inmates on foot.
•Performing basic first aid procedures and cardiopulmonary resuscitation as needed.
•Gathering information for investigations by interviewing and obtaining the
statements of the victims, witnesses, suspects and confidential informants.
•Preparing logbook entries and writing reports.
•Taking inventory and inspecting security equipment.
•Operating telephones, electronic equipment, fingerprint equipment, cameras and fax machines.
•Communicating over radio channels while initiating and responding to radio
•Using body force to gain entrance through barriers to seize or rescue inmates.

School Bus Driver- 2000-2007-Lexington School District Two/First Student Transportation
· Ensure the safe transportation of children to and from schools.
· Observe children’s activities while aboard the bus.
· Keep accurate logs of students activities on the bus.
· Transport students and faculty on field trips and to extracurricular performances or sporting events.
· Operates a two way radio
· Oversees the loading and unloading of students, releasing students to authorized individual; assures that safety belts are fastened
· May operate a special ramp bus; loads and unloads students in wheelchairs on and off bus; inspecting wheelchair for operational safety and permitting only properly
Dedicated to the Safety and Education of Individuals

functioning wheelchairs to load; operates ramp, assuring seatbelts are fastened, positioning the wheelchairs in bus, and securing the wheelchair

· Maintains order and proper discipline of passengers; resolving disputes, documents and reports severe disciplinary cases
· Conducts established safety and operational inspection of assigned vehicle daily

· Charleston County Sheriff Office First Aide Certification, 2/2009 (current)
· Commercial Driver’s License, 6/2000
· Knowledgeable in Microsoft Office


Detention Officer
Charleston County Sheriff Office, Charleston S.C

School Bus Driver
Lexington School District Two, Lexington, S.C

First Student Transportation
Charleston County, Charleston S.C.

Burns Elementary School
Charleston County School District, Charleston, S.C.

's preferred teaching style:
the teachins style is have used is constructiist

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