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Rajitha's Study Center

tutoring & advice

 with Rajitha Kaushik

short description:
Electronics Tutorial
long description:
In this tutorial you will learn about the fundamentals of Electronics which will help you to understand about the subject and create interest in it.
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Rajitha's Study Center

live session

Electronics Tutorial

1h 0m

languages: English
fee: 40US$  (400lp)
payment: at booking
delivery method: live online

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Rajitha Kaushik

description of :
I have completed my B.E in Electronics and communication. I have a good academic record. I'm very much passionate towards teaching. I have 2 years experience. Currently im working for Engg. college as a Lecturer.
Teacher's qualifications:

#86, 7th Main, ?Shankar Nivas?
2nd Block, 1st Stage Banashankari, +91-9008670593
Bangalore 560050 +91-80-26623016

Seek an opportunity to enhance my skills as a software developer and showcase the same.

BE (Electronics and Communication) Alpha College of Engineering, 06/2007 Aggregate: 72%
Visweshwaraiah Technological University, India

DEVELOPMENT ENGINEER (ADITI Technologies, INDIA) Oct/07 to July/2009
LECTURER (Vijaya Vittala Institute of Technology, Bangalore) July/09 to till date

Projects Completed

Caselle Accounts Receivable (ADITI)
Development Environment : VB.NET, SQL Server 2005
Period : January 2007 ? January 2008
Client : Caselle Inc, USA
Caselle?s Accounts Receivable is the next generation of financial software for local US government and districts. It is a desktop application which allows the user to maintain his accounts as in keep track of the Recurring Invoices and Billings. The software also keeps track of delinquent notices to be sent across to the clients. It allows the user to print Invoices and reports based on various criteria.
Designed and implemented Report module, miscellaneous module and Data Entry module regularly interacted with the client for design review and technical aspects. Have also been a part of functional clarification discussions with the client.
Reference :

.NET 2.0 Technologies
Skills gained : .NET 2.0 Technologies, ASP.NET, SQL Server 2005, HTML, JavaScript, C++, C#
Period : Oct 2007 ? Dec 2008
Internal Project : Importing Data from EXCEL to ADO.NET using C#.NET2.0 and SQLServer 2005
It is a desktop application which allows the user to Import data from excel sheet to ADO.NET. This tool has some filter conditions on the UI. Based on the filter conditions tool will import data from excel to ADO.NET.
Designed and implemented an application which helps to Import Data from Excel sheet to ADO.NET based on the filter conditions selected by the user.

Business Intelligence
Skills gained : Business Intelligence - Data Warehousing, SSIS, SSAS, and SSRS
Period : Jan 2008 - Feb 2009
Internal Project : Address Book Target Tool
Address book Target tool will generate Reports of the required employee and his hierarchy. This tool is targeted for Marketing team to find out how much outsourcing spend a VP (Vice President) or employee in any level has.
Integrated Data from excel sheet into the OLEDB Database using SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services). Built Cube for analyzing the data by querying the Cube using SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services).Finally, Repots are generated using SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services).

.NET 3.5 Technologies
Skills gained : .NET 3.5 Technologies (WPF and WCF), SQL Server 2008, SilverLight, and LINQ
Period : March 2009 ? June 2009

STUDENT INTERN 03/07 ? 06/07
Designed & implemented

? MATLAB Simulation of digital RADAR Receiver System

Title : MATLAB Simulation of digital RADAR Receiver System
Software : MATLAB/Simulink
Platform : Windows
Role : Simulation


This project is to simulate the RADAR receiver sub system using simulink tool in MATLAB using Xilinx environment. This project work was carried out at LRDE (Electronics and RADAR Development Establishment).

? Design and Optimization of CDMA Repeater System

Title : CDMA Repeater System
Platform : CDMA
Role : Analysis, Design & Optimization


The main objective of this project is to design a repeater system that help CDMA base stations to extend their coverage range .Optimization of a network involves setting the forward and reverse gain according to the required specifications, keeping in mind that the sensitivity of the system has not degraded. This project work was carried out at Reliance Communications.

Experienced in VB .NET, ASP.NET, SQLServer 2005
Fair knowledge of BI (SSAS, SSRS, SSIS), C#, SilverLight, .NET 3.5 Technologies (WPF and WCF)


Name: Rajitha Y S

Father?s Name: Shankar Rao Y S

DOB: 01/04/1986

Marital status: Married


Contact No: Mob: 9008670593
Residence: 080 -26623016

Nationality: Indian

's preferred teaching style:
I teach using diagrams. Highlight few important key points. Overview of the last session at the beginning of new session and At the end of the session summarize the current session topics.

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