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life coach

insights & perspectives

 with Jordan Jay

short description:
Experienced professional with a masters degree in psychology offers life coaching sessions in multiple areas of psychology including sexual and gender issues
long description:
I hold a masters degree in psychology. I can offer you a proactive life coaching program designated to challenge any need you may want to actively explore. I specialize in cognitive psychology regarding sexual issues and gender issues. In addition, we can work together to improve relationship, career, or any other personal issue you believe you can improve upon. You will be given specific advice, goals, and homework to achieve during this course. However, you will be integral in guiding your progress.
level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
fee comments:
I charge 25 dollars per session. You practice what you learn as much as you want for free.
 session structure





life coach

live session

Experienced professional with a masters degree in psychology offers life coaching sessions in multiple areas of psychology including sexual and gender issues

1h 0m

total duration: 1h 0m over 1 session(s)
comments: duration will be dependent upon you. We will meet for one hour each week to discuss your progress and goal achievement. This can be broken down into 2 30 minute sessions

languages: English
duration: 1h 0m
fee: 25US$  (250lp)
payment: at booking
delivery method: live online and self-paced

Quick Help

United States

Jordan Jay

description of :
I hold a Masters Degree in Interdisciplinary Psychology. I also have 11 years of experience in Law Enforcement. I have taught higher level students doing volunteer work overseas, as well. I designed a website for professors at the university where I was awarded my masters degree in order to assist them in educating psychology students with transgendered and intersexed individuals.
Teacher's qualifications:
Jordan Jay
3004 Tanglewood Tyler, Tx 75701
(903) 780-5606
________________________________________________________________________ Proven leader and educator devoted to community service and development. Versatility and diversity combined for beneficial accomplishment of any goal, situation, or task presented with professionalism and integrity.

2009 University of Texas at Tyler
Masters Degree in Interdisciplinary Psychology with specialization in Public Administration and Criminal Justice GPA 3.9 (4.0 scale)

1998 University of Texas at Tyler
Bachelor of Science Criminal Justice
Magna Cum Laude GPA 3.78
Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society

1996 State of Texas accredited Police Academy Graduate GPA 4.0

Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice Certifications:

? Masters Degree with an emphasis on Criminal Justice and Public Administration
? Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice
? Advanced Peace Officer Licensed in the State of Texas
? SWAT certification
? International Police Mountain Bike certification
? Special Investigator Certification Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Child Abuse
? Drug Interdiction Certification
? National Advanced School Resource officer Certification
? Writing Search Warrants Certification
? State of Texas Disaster Evacuation Plan Certification
? Civil Process Certification
? General Terrorism Certification
? Intermediate Spanish for Law Enforcement Certification
? Specialization in animal crimes
? Specialization in Juvenile Crimes

Professional Profile:
11 years of working in the field of law enforcement and criminal justice
5 years as a full time Peace Officer Licensed in the State of Texas

2007-2009 Tyler Independent School District Resource Officer
 Supervised all safety and Law Enforcement concerns regarding 2800 juveniles and adult students at Tyler Lee and over 100 faculty and staff.
 Provided special attention to at risk students both in criminal and academic aspects
 Supervised all legal aspects of juvenile development at Boulter Middle School.
 Promoted to the largest high school in Tyler after only 6 weeks of secondary school management.

2004-2007 Deputy Constable Precinct 2 Smith County

 Supervised all animal crime investigation in Southern Smith County which served a population of approximately 150,000
 Created and managed the annual budget for the animal crimes unit.
 Implemented a mission statement, goals and procedures for the animal crimes unit.
 Collaborated with state departments to carry out strategies for evacuation of people and their pets during natural disasters
 Created, organized, and performed training operations for new officers and Reserves within the department most specifically in the fields of drug interdiction, search, arrest, and traffic stops.
 Responsible for the primary law enforcement responsibilities in Precinct 2 of Smith County chiefly concerning the detection, arrest, and follow-up investigation of offenders.
 Succeeded in the first arrest and successful prosecution of an online sex predator in Smith County
 Performed SWAT operations, drug interdiction, and undercover vice unit operations

Higher Level & Online Teaching Experience
 2007-2009 assisted professors at the University of Texas at Tyler by 2 years of graduate level research and the creation of a website implemented in the curriculum and instruction of students in the Psychology Department.
 Performed personal coaching of students in the psychology department regarding diversity issues in psychology both in person and through online instruction.
 2009 taught intermediate level English As A Second Language overseas for trust to Tibetan Refugees In Dharmsala India

's preferred teaching style:
my teaching style is very concrete. Think Dr. Phil. I will challenge you on your ideas, but I will not demean you. We will work together to develop goals. Afterall, this is your life. You make it what you want it to be. Think of me more as a coach than a teacher. I will guide you, give you drills to master your life, and motivate you toward your goals

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