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The Human Body - an owner's manual


 with D R

short description:
An introduction to the way the body works (Human physiology)
long description:
This course will provide a brief overview of how the body is arranged into different levels of organisation, eg. cells and systems.It will be of interest to those who are simply curious as to how their own body functions in good health or those who may be interested to understand how it may be affected during disease
To illustrate this in more detail the student is invited to select two or more of the body sytems to look at in more detail.
The systems offered include

The Cardiovascular system- the heart, blood and blood vessels
The nervous system - brain, spinal cord
The respiratory system- lungs and airways
Skeleto-Muscular system- bones, joints and muscles
Immune system- antibodies, lymph glands

Other systems may be offered if requested.
The approach taken to the study of the body will be dependent on the students areas of interest eg the heart can be looked at in terms of sporting performance and exercise or in terms of effects of heart disease.

level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
fee comments:
introductory offer
 session structure





The Human Body - an owner's manual

live session

An introduction to the way the body works (Human physiology)

0h 1m


live session

Overview of the subject and it's terminology. Exploration of major body systems and the selection of those that interest the student.

1h 0m

Exploration of selected systems

live session

A look in more detail at the systems selected by the student

1h 0m

Guided learning task

prepare assigment

Some questions to consider relating to the body systems.
Some to check learning some thought questions.

0h 30m


review session

Exploration of topics covered , discussion of learning task. Evaluation of course and discussion of future areas of interest

1h 0m

total duration: 3h 30m over 5 session(s)
comments: n.a.

references in library: 3

discussion forums: 3

duration: 3h 30m over 5 session(s)
fee: 10US$  (100lp)
payment: at delivery
delivery method: live online and self-paced

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United Kingdom


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