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Integration of Art & Science

events & speakers

 with Amie Shadlu

short description:
As an astronomy illustrator, I provide information and insight on the necessity that art and science (two complimentary, yet often separated fields) have to each other.
long description:
Stressing the importance of the artist's role in the field of science, I will provide a history of astronomy art. In addition to showing examples of many noteworthy space artist's work in a chronological manner, I will also provide examples of my own work. I will also speak about my own background, and how I came to encompass such a powerful combination.

Whether I am diagramming light curve data collected by the Kepler spacecraft or painting the landscape of a possible alien world orbiting a distant star, I find that art and science are better together than they are separate. Just as the logical and analytical left hemisphere of the brain meets the artistic and intuitive right to form a one miraculous powerhouse, so does the impeccable fusion of art and science.
level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
Most weeks Monday through Saturday, 6pm-7pm CST.
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Integration of Art and Science


As an astronomy illustrator, I provide information and insight on the necessity that art and science (two complimentary, yet often separated fields) have to each other.

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    languages: English
    duration: 1h 0m
    fee: 15US$  (150lp)
    payment: at delivery
    delivery method: live online

    Quick Help

    United States

    Amie Shadlu

    description of :
    My areas of expertise are art and astronomy. I hold a firm, passionate belief in the fusion of art and science. While being able to tutor in either field, I would also find great satisfaction in bestowing this powerful integration to others. Not only am I confidently knowledgeable and experienced in both areas, but also incredibly avid. My past learning experiences have revealed time and time again that the most successful teachers I have had were the ones who taught with passion; the ones who loved what they taught. It was always exciting to reap that passion that they exuded from their instruction, and I, in turn, would greatly enjoy imparting my own passions upon others to benefit from.

    Teacher's qualifications:
    Amie Shadlu
    1500 Harbour Dr. #3A
    Wheeling, Illinois 60090

    Avid artist and astronomer
    Experience with a wide range of media, including traditional and digital
    Keen observation skills and attention to detail

    Bachelor of Fine Arts/Illustration
    Graduated: May 2009
    Columbia College Chicago; Chicago, Illinois
    GPA: 3.94

    Relevant Coursework Includes:
    Illustration Intro: Studio
    Applied Drawing
    Information Design
    The Origin and Fate of the Universe

    General Education Coursework
    January 2003-January 2005
    William Rainey Harper College

    Relevant Coursework Includes:
    Astronomy 101
    Astronomy 201

    Karl G. Henize Observatory, Harper College
    Palatine, Illinois
    Volunteer Staff Member and Astronomy Club Member
    January 2005-present
    Responsible for operating Meade LX200GPS 14? Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope
    Authorized to aid astronomy students in completion of lab worksheets
    Ability to guide visitors through celestial navigation tours

    Physical Science Department, Harper College
    Palatine, Illinois
    Public Speaker
    September 2009
    Invited to speak about experience with integration of art and science
    Prepared visual presentation of representational artwork
    Former astronomy student able to further apply science skills learned to other interests

    Dominick?s Finer Foods
    Buffalo Grove, Illinois
    Deli Clerk
    November 2003-January 2008
    Promoted to oversee specialty cheese section after 3 years
    Arranged imported cheese display; required to pay careful attention to aesthetic details

    Sunkist Cleaners
    Fremont, Nebraska
    Dry-cleaning Press Operator
    January-September 2003
    Responsible for garment finishing tasks: pressing, carding, delinting, hanging, bagging
    Focused on precision of machine operation and visual details of clothing appearance

    Dairy Queen
    Fremont, Nebraska
    Food Service Clerk
    August 2001-November 2003
    Took and prepared ice cream orders and cakes
    Emphasis on food presentation such as signature ?curl? on ice cream cones

    Advanced proficiency with Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Corel Painter, Software Bisque The Sky 6, Microsoft Word,and Power Point; proficiency with Adobe Illustrator and After Effects.

    's preferred teaching style:
    As a teacher, I deliver knowledge in a laid-back, yet highly productive manner. This is acheived by targeting what the student or mentee specifically needs help with or wants to learn about the subject. I encourage lots of questions, and taylor the supplementary learning materials (i.e. resources such as books and web sites) to the student's individual needs or curiosities. In addition, I deliver information based on the type of learner each student is. If, for example, they learn best visually, I supply photographs and/or illustrations; for a kinesthetic learner, I provide step-by-step instructions encouraging a hands-on experience.

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