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Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway

insights & perspectives

 with N Hawkins

short description:
This is a book discussion/mini course for those who are looking to make a change.
long description:
Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway is the focus of this book discussion/mini course. Too many times in our lives we become paralyzed with the idea of ?fear? and often settle for a less than satisfying job, lifestyle, relationship, etc. It?s time to make a change and make that first step! Together lets motivate one another and find what exactly the world has to offer.
level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
I am available thru email at all times.
 session structure





Introduction: Tell us about yourself

read book

Tell us a little bit about yourself, where you live, what you do, your hobbies/interests, etc. Also share why you decided to sign up for this class and what you hope to take from it.

1h 0m

Module 1: Ch 1-Ch 3

read book

Read Chapters 1-3 and take notes as you read.

1h 0m

Module 2: Ch 4-Ch 6

read book

Read Chapters 4-6 and take notes as you read.

1h 0m

Module 3: Ch 7- Ch 9

read book

Read Chapters 7-9 and take notes as you read.

1h 0m

Module 4: Ch 10- Ch 12

read book

Read Chapter 10-12 and take notes as you read.

1h 0m

Module 4: Reflection activity

discussion group

Look at the ?Give Away? areas (thanks, information, praise, time, money, and love). In your own personal life, what areas will be easy and what areas will be difficult. How can you make it easier to ?Give Away??

1h 0m

total duration: 6h 0m over 6 session(s)
comments: The class layout is spread over a 4 week time frame. While it is self paced, there are assignments that need to be done each week in order to fully get the results you are seeking.

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discussion forums: 10

downloadable materials in library: 5

    Available to book on the following pre-scheduled starting dates:

    start: (GMT) 25 January 2010 11:00 internet time: @500 | view full details |

    languages: English
    duration: 6h 0m over 6 session(s)
    fee: free
    delivery method: self-paced

    Quick Help

    United States

    N Hawkins

    description of :
    I have 9 years of teaching experience, which includes both elementary and middle school. Even though I am no longer a teacher in an actual classroom, it is in my nature to motivate, teach and encourage others to be positive and strive for the best.
    Teacher's qualifications:

    's preferred teaching style:
    I am a firm believer of online education and love the flexibility that online courses provide. In addition to the wealth of information, anyone from anywhere can take the class and gain valuable information.

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