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Networking & Growing Capital in Your Business or NonProfit

tutoring & advice

 with Daisy Tate

short description:
This course offers immediate knowledge and opportunity to grow business using mobile, Internet and other traditional sources. You will gain a fresh look on strategies and an opportunity to explore new tools while connecting with successful networks
long description:
Networking & Growing Capital in Your Business or Nonprofit class teaches the fundamentals of developing a successful businesses and maintaing resources.

The overall goals of the class can be summarized as:

Provide the knowledge and tools to grow the business or organization and increase cash flow

Create a personalized Action Plan that will become the roadmap to growth

Change the business mix and profitability by growing business without sacrificing profit margin.

Learn the keys of networking and sustaining relationships that leverage resources

level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
fee comments:
I am flexible and do not have a standard rate. What seems to be standard and fair works for me.
 session structure





Networking & Growing Capital in Your Business or NonProfit

live session

This course offers immediate knowledge and opportunity to grow business using mobile, Internet and other traditional sources. You will gain a fresh look on strategies and an opportunity to explore new tools while connecting with successful networks

1h 0m

languages: English
fee: 40US$  (400lp)
payment: at booking
delivery method: live online and self-paced

Quick Help

United States

Daisy Tate

description of :
My expertise to communicate and relate well with students, while motivating them to successfully complete their educational plans in the areas of business administration, development, organizational structure and culture, psychology, social work, communications and/or economics.
Area of Expertise & Interest
? English: Writing & Reading, Language and Analytic Skills
? Social Sciences: Humanities, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, Research, Planning and Development
? Business: Economics, Business Administration, Marketing & Research, Communications,
Over the past ten years my experience in tutoring, adjunct teaching, motivational speaking and professional development to include government, private, corporate, and nonprofit workshops, seminars, group sessions, online classes and forums has provided me the opportunity to achieve the learning objectives and goals in each assignment. Consistently, I have brought about theoretical reviews and best practice methods as well as new ideas, ways of thinking and problem-solving techniques, as a way of building student?s security, empowerment and inspiration for knowledge. I offer a high degree of integrity, and I believe that my strong sense of career commitment would be an asset in any setting.
Teacher's qualifications:
Daisy Tate MSW MBA
23705 Kathryn St
Murrieta CA 92562
(760) 412-9565 ? Home - (877) 553-9015 ? Work

Obtain a tutor or instructor?s position using proven skills in reading, writing, language and analytical skills, business management, organizational culture, communications, political science, psychology, marketing, community development, project planning, analyzing and evaluation to develop the minds and skill set of students


9/1997 ? Present Universal Exchange LLC, Carlsbad CA
Marketing & New Business Development
-Over 10 years progressive experience and expertise in managing marketing operations and research, professional development and human resource training, planning and consultancy projects
- Plan, organize, and instruct courses, workshops, forums and/or seminars in a professional development or human resource development program as assigned;
-As Business Development negotiated client and brand licensee, raised company revenue from 30,000 to almost $4M and returned 75% of owner?s equity after two years of operation
-Monitored and evaluated outsourced consultants? implementation
-Formulated corporate plans and feasibility studies for businesses, and a strategic plan per region
-Proficient in the use of Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Lotus Notes and Microsoft Office Suite and SQL Server
- Ensured adherence to brand management standards of license holder -Developed business plan, and detailed plans for strategic and priority
-Analyzed market and competition research findings; managed the implementation of strategic programs
-Contractor evaluated performance and recommended rewards and promotions to the Board
-Decided on development and allocation of new products for different store categories
-Established policies and procedures; evaluated and controlled operations and financial performance

-Established distribution network of over 55 dealers for corporate clients
- Developed learning opportunities that integrated industry-recognized credentials and incorporate current components of all aspects of industry; taught students to recognize and be sensitive to the cultural expectations of specific organizations and settings.
- Raised revenue from thirty thousand to currently almost $14M
-Paid back 75% of the $220,000 owner?s equity
-Provided retained earnings of almost $7M


12/1999-11/2007 Youth & Family Center, St Louis MO
Volunteer-Event Development & Communications
Reference website:
-Implement eleven prevention programs in region
-Create crime prevention action plans for region and facilitate trainings
-Develop relationships and programs within Department of Juvenile Justice, Department of Family Services and other community systems
-Coordinated media support for special events and projects
-Recruit, train, advise and manage student interns, volunteers and administrative staff
-Special Events and Public Relations committee member
-Provide one on one tutoring services for both school aged children and adults in computer literacy, political science, psychology, human development and business
-Public speaker
-Create collaborations between ACS and other non-profit agencies
-Identify and recruit 80 school teams with American Cancer Making Strides Against
Breast Cancer walk
-Provide mission support for six relays
-Develop media opportunities to promote patient services and
Outreach efforts in the Hispanic/Latino community.
-Created annual Youth & Family Carnival for LA, San Diego, St Louis, Richmond VA, and Elizabeth City College

-Raised over one million dollars in monetary gifts
-Coordinated marathons, triathlons, tradeshows, carnivals for more than 5,000 attendees
-Build name within the community to aid in monetary and in-kind donations and support

-4/2008- North Area Community Development (NACD)
Reference website:
St. Louis, MO ?Marketing and Business Development Consultant
-Business & Global Community Planning, Marketing & International Trade Consulting
-Facilitated and lectured development workshops and seminars at a high level of expertise in various social science and humanities areas that stimulated enthusiasm for those subjects and its outcomes
-Managed business consulting projects on business planning, budget financial modeling, annual reports production, and share valuation for clients
-Developed press releases, PSA for media channels

-Provided a standard methodology for planning governmental support to
developing global cooperatives
-Developed learning opportunities that integrate industry-recognized credentials and incorporate current components of all aspects of industry; taught students to recognize and be sensitive to the cultural expectations of specific organizations and settings.
-Projects enabled clients to obtain funding or board approval and/or satisfy government regulatory requirements


01/2000-12/2002 Webster University St Louis
Master of Arts: Concentration Marketing and Computer Resource Management

08/99-5/2000 Washington University St Louis
Masters of Social Work: Concentration Social Economic Development & Community Relations

08/94-12/98 Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA
Bachelor of Social Work: Concentration Criminal Justice

's preferred teaching style:
1) As a online instructor I communicate frequently with the students.
Frequent communication does NOT mean that I must be online every hour of every day. But it does mean that I need to be in contact with students frequently. At least every other day. At the end of the week, the time spent teaching online should be similar to the amount of time spent teaching in a classroom.

2) Be organized & be clear

I let students know from the beginning exactly what is expected of them. And set the ground rules for the course. I also let students know how often you will be online, so they don?t expect an immediate response regardless of the time of day. In addition I explain to students how they will be graded, how quickly they will receive feedback, how they should submit assignments, how they should contact me, etc. The more students know ahead of time, the less time needed to spend responding to problems.

3) Engage the students in the learning

Teaching online offers the opportunity to reach students in many different ways ? projects, discussions, comparing ideas, sharing knowledge with other students. I use many different ways as possible to engage students, and promote active learning. Without the confines of time that are present in a campus course, and with the ability to share and discuss ideas online, not making good use of these opportunities leads to lost ?learning moments?.

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