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The Vital Journey --An Overview of Human Vitality


 with Ernie Hubbard

short description:
A comprehensive and integrated overview of Human Vitality, including seven dimensions ranging from atomic/molecular to the highest level of intellectual and spiritual attainment
long description:
Course Description:
The Vital Journey: An Integrated Overview of Human Vitality

?The Vital Journey? is an Undergraduate Level course offering the student a comprehensive overview of Human Vitality. The course is designed to lay the scientific, theoretical, intellectual and conceptual foundations for future in-depth course offerings in the field of Healthcare, Human Vitality, Energy Medicine, Integrative/Alternative Healthcare, Nutrition, Fitness, Wellness and Stress Management.

Instructor Information:
Ernie Hubbard,
Founder, The Center For Human Vitality
240 Redwood Highway, Suite Two
Mill Valley, CA 94941

Required Text and Learning Materials:
Up-loadable eBook--containing core information, worksheets, exercises, and supporting resourcesWebsite?containing supporting information, videos, web links

Course Prerequisites:
No course pre-requisites, but the course is designed for students with high school through college level biology, and a general understanding of Human anatomy, physiology, nutrition, health, and consciousness.

Course Objectives:
Upon completion of the course, students will:

Have a solid basic understanding of Human ?Vital Design? encompassing the seven major dimensions of Human Vitality.

Have a basic understanding of the ?Seven Circles? model of Human Vitality, and how the model relates to other fields of health, wellness, energy, and consciousness

Understand the hierarchical and integrated nature of Human Vitality, ranging from atomic & molecular to the highest level of consciousness, creativity and spiritual potential

Be introduced to some of the latest and most informative means for measuring Human Vitality, including quantification and assessments of body composition, bio-electronic health, and stress as it relates to Human Vitality

Be capable of assessing their own level of Vitality and the Vitality of future clients and/or patients

Be equipped to begin using the Seven Circles Model to help others navigate their individual Vital Journeys

Course Topics:
In this introductory course, the theme is the ?big picture? of Human Vitality, encompassing

Creativity, and

The underlying premise is that Humans are?first and foremost?designed to be Vital. This ?Vital Design?, while highly complex, is elegant, hierarchical, and integrated. By understanding the seven basic dimensions of Human Vitality?embodied in the Seven Circles Model of Human Vitality--it becomes possible to understand the relationships between these dimensions and their relationship with the Cosmos. Moreover, such an understanding makes it possible for an individual to assess, evaluate and quantify her/his own Vitality and the Vitality of others. With such tools, it becomes possible to systematically identify areas where such Vitality may be improved, and to create a logical process by which an individual may optimize her/his Vitality at all levels.This course is designed as a foundation for any student seeking to enter the fields of integrative healthcare, energy medicine, nutrition, wellness, fitness, and longevity.

The Vital Journey?Introduction & Overview
Seven Circles?An Integrated Model of Human Vitality
Measuring Human Vitality?Overview of methods, instrumentation, techniques
Navigating The Vital Journey?Putting the Seven Circle Model to practical use

Course Format:
Audio/Video including both lecture and Power Point slides eBook (pdf) uploadable containing Course Outline, key points, worksheets, exercises, and relevant resourcesWebsite support

At the end of each of the Chapters listed above, students will be given exercises, including:

Self-Assessment?In completing the self-assessment form provided, students will begin to describe and quantify their own Vital Journey. The goal here is to create a ?before? record of the student?s vital journey so that she/he may compare it with an ?after? version of the same form to see how much more integrated, informative, and useful their assessment is as a result of having taken the course

Worksheets?for each of the seven dimensions in the Seven Circles mode, the student will complete information relating to her/his own level of Vitality

?Real-world? exercises, in which students actually engage in experiences at each of the seven levels of Human Vitality?

Practical Project, in which each student assesses another person (e.g., family member or friend) at each of the Seven Levels of Human Vitality? Web/Video and reading assignments, in which students will be given web links and online videos that offer introductory information and support about each of the seven dimensions of Human Vitality

Chapter quizzes?There will be a Multiple Choice or True/False quiz at the end of each ModuleCourse Exam?There will be a Multiple Choice or True/False exam at the end of the course Students will be given an opportunity to evaluate the course content, materials, overall relevance and value, and to suggest ways to improve future course offerings

Course Calendar: Self-paced.
Estimated 6-8 hours of learning time and exercises.

It is optimal if students complete the course in 30-60 days.

level of difficulty:
minimum class size:
fee comments:
This course is designed as an overview, and is a logical prerequisite for students entering the fields of healthcare, alternative health, nutrition, physiology and related fields. However, it is also excellent as an elective for these and other majors.
 session structure





The Vital Journey --An Overview of Human Vitality

live session

A comprehensive and integrated overview of Human Vitality, including seven dimensions ranging from atomic/molecular to the highest level of intellectual and spiritual attainment

1h 0m

total duration: 1h 0m over 1 session(s)
comments: 6-8 hours of instruction, self-guided, this course should be easily completed in 30-60 days

languages: English
duration: 1h 0m
fee: 30US$  (300lp)
payment: at booking
delivery method: live online

Quick Help

United States

Ernie Hubbard

description of :
I have been deeply involved in research and teaching in the field of Human Vitality for the past 30 years. I am a skilled and effective communicator, and I am very motivated to impart knowlege to others.
Teacher's qualifications:
Ernie Hubbard has more than 30 years experience in science and
business. Ernie's scientific background includes Biochemistry,
Genetics, and Physiology. His business background includes start-
ups, operations, marketing, financings, and licensing.

Career Overview

Center For Human Vitality, 2006-Present
Founded Research and Testing center focusing upon Human
Vitality. This Center is involved in vitality testing, body composition
analysis, cellular and molecular nutrition, workshops, training, and
collaborations with other scientists and healthcare providers. Much of
Ernie's present work is available for review at: .

Collaborations, Consulting & Joint Ventures, 2004-2006
Founded business development and consulting enterprise upon sale
of Healthcare side of AR Analytics (see below). Services include
company formation, joint ventures, market analysis, launch logistics,
strategic positioning, Intellectual property, and financings.

AR Analytics Corporation, 1999-2004
Founded new software analytics company. Invented new technology
for multi-dimensional analysis of healthcare and other receivables.
Established corporate infrastructure, secured financing, hired senior
staff, identified and managed software contractor. Filed U.S. and
international patents and trademarks. Negotiated agreements with
nationally-recognized firms, including single and multi year contracts.

DynaCorp Financial Strategies, Inc., 1997-1999
Vice President Operations, responsible for managing due diligence
and compliance for >$100 Million in A/R funding. Set up new
standards for evaluating and monitoring client portfolios. Managed
ongoing client A/R funding submissions. Managed broker and sales
activities, maintained corporate files and archives. Conducted on-site
due diligence and ongoing client reviews.

Medaphis Physicians Services Corporation, 1995-1996
Manager UCSF Surgery Billing Managed team of twelve A/R
specialists for A/R billing and management for UCSF Department of
Surgery. Responsible for managing ongoing billing and claims
resolution activities, monitoring trends and performance, problem
resolution and client service.

Hubbard Financial Consulting, 1991-1994
Founded and managed independent consulting business offering
strategic, business and financial services to healthcare and
biotechnology companies. Clients included Calif. Pacific Medical
Center, R.K, Davies Med. Center, North Bay Medical Center, Sutter
Solano Hospitals, Cardiology Associates of Marin & S.F., Mt. Tam

Biosource Technologies Corporation, 1988-1990
Co-founded new biotechnology company specializing in utilizing
proprietary genetic engineering approaches to senior technical and
business staff.

Sungene Technologies Corporation, 1982-1988
Co-founded plant biopolymer genetic engineering company. Secured
$10 MM in investment capital. Set up fully-functional lab and field
testing operations (Palo Alto, CA, San Joaquin Valley, CA, Illinois,
Iowa, Florida, Hawaii, Chile). Negotiated and managed multi-million
dollar R&D contacts. Managed >40 scientists and administrative

Oregon State University, B.S. (Biochemistry & Genetics) 1979
University of Minnesota, Graduate Program (Biotechnology) 1980-81)

Computer, Internet & Communication Skills
MS Office: Word, Excel, Power Point, Image Composer, Oracle 9i,
Adobe, Winzip, csv/text file conversions. Manuscript Creation, Editing,
Graphics, Proposals, Reports, Plans, Contracts, Correspondence,
Presentations, Web Design, Content & Maintenance. Financial
Analysis, Reports, Projections, Develop, Design and Present financial
pro formas, graphs, analyses. Web-based Research &
Reconnaissance. Skilled at use of search engines, linking, rapid
analysis and reporting of findings. Audio/Video production, editing
and publishing, website development and management.

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Seven Circles Wellness 240 Redwood Hwy, Ste 2 Mill Valley, CA Tel: 415-215-8933 email:

's preferred teaching style:
I am very skilled with online media, and use it very effectively as an instructional toolbox. I create my own websites, produce my own videos, design my own PowerPoints, and adapt them for integrated presentations viewable on a variety of hardware applications, including hand-held devices such as cellphones, pda's, blackberries, etc. I delight in the integration of creativity and information exchange through online media.

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