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Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics tutoring

 with Gurvinder Gill

short description:
Secondary to College level
long description:
In Chemistry:
? Numbers
? Measurements
? Atomic Structure
? Elements
? States of Matter
? Electron Configuration
? Periodic Table
? Bonding
? Reactions
? Stoichiometery
? Gases(K M Theory)
? Solutions
? Acids and Bases
? Oxidation and Reduction
In Physics:
? Kinematics
? Newton's Laws of Motion
? Work, Energy, Power
? Systems of Particles, Linear Momentum
? Circular Motion & Rotation
? Oscillations & Gravitation
? Fluid Mechanics
? Temperature & Heat
? Kinetic Theory/Thermodynamics
? Electrostatics
? Conductors, Capacitors, Dielectrics
? Electric Circuits
? Magnetic Fields
? Electromagnetism
? Waves
? Physical Optics
? Geometric Optics
? Atomic Physics & Quantum Effects
In Mathematics (Calculus):
? Analysis of Graphs
? Limits of Functions
? Asymptotic & Unbounded Behavior
? Continuity: Property of Functions
? Parametric, Polar & Vector Functions
? Concept of the Derivative
? Derivative at a Point
? Derivative as a Function
? Second Derivatives
? Applications of Derivatives
? Computation of Derivatives
? Interpretations & Properties of Definite Integrals
? Applications of Integrals
? Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
? Antidifferentiation Techniques
? Applications of Antidifferentiation
? Numerical Approximations to Definite Integrals
? Concept of Series
? Series of Constants
? Taylor Series
? Shapes
? Measurements
? Theorems
? Transformations
? Co-ordinate Geometry
? Fundamental Operations
? Ratios and Exponents
? Algebraic Expressions
? Solving Equations and Inequalities
? Coordinates, Slope, and Distance
? Variation and Linear Equations
? Quadratic Equations
? Functions and Relations
? Systems
? Quadratic Functions
? Algebraic Transformations
? Other Functions
? Trigonometric Functions
? Probability and Data
? Vectors and Matrices

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Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics tutoring

live session

Secondary to College level

1h 0m

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Available to book on the following pre-scheduled starting dates:

start: (GMT) 19 August 2009 17:00 internet time: @750 | view full details |

duration: 1h 0m
fee: 25US$  (250lp)
payment: on satisfaction
delivery method: live online and self-paced

Quick Help

United States

Gurvinder Gill

description of :
This academic year, I have taught organic chemistry courses at Elmira College as
well as Introductory Chemistry, and Seminar. In spring, I developed and conducted a
short course in chemistry emphasizing Green Chemistry.
My interest in teaching is based on providing myself with a set of values to live by. It is the satisfaction of knowing that a tangible difference is being made. It is the desire to be genuinely productive, the need to be of service to society. All these are fulfilled by the role a teacher plays in a student?s life.
The following tenets, I believe, are essential for efficient instruction:
? Provide a clear written indication of the goals, assessment methods, and expectations from the course of study and model the instruction to fulfill those goals.
? Provide a list of the primary and auxiliary resources and references as well as any alternative assessments methods such as research projects.
? Employ the various modes; traditional chalkboard, power point and peer group instructional formats to enhance the instruction.
? Maintain a professional attitude and a relaxed atmosphere during the course of instruction.
? Create a learning environment, spark interest within the student and nurture the inquisitive with positive comments.
? Be accessible for one to one instruction and flexible in arranging such meetings.

Teacher's qualifications:
Gurvinder S. Gill
91 Sunnyside Dr
Elmira, NY 14905
Phone: (607) 846-2985 Email:
Objective: To be considered for an academic/technical appointment.
Experience: Work
Assistant Professor Organic Chemistry (EC, Elmira, NY) 08-09
Instructor Organic Chemistry Laboratory (JSU, Jackson, MS) Sp 08, summer 04 & 07
Teacher Chemistry (Clarksdale H S, MS) 96 & (Heidelberg H S, MS) 99 to 02,
Math (R H Watkins H S, Laurel, MS) 02 to 03 & (Forest Hill H S, Raymond, MS) 08
Teacher Adult Literacy Program. (ICC, Tupelo, MS) 92
Hygienist Cowell Health Service. (Berkeley, CA) 80-81
Librarian Town Library (Sherman, MS) 87
Information Service North Miss Medical Centre (Tupelo, MS) 87
Research Assistant NMR and Computational studies of a variety of chemicals. (JSU) Jackson, MS, 03-08
Honors Researcher Nutrient design, viability maintenance & bioreactor operation. (Sacromyces Cervisiae) UCB, 81
Volunteer Researcher Fellowship. Kinetics of Angiotensin II rxn. (American Heart Association), Livermore, CA, 80
Research Assistant Air pollution data co-relation. (Dept. of Health), Berkeley, CA 80
Project Assistant Industrial inspection & recommendation for handling hazardous chemicals. (Regional Water Quality Control Board) Oakland, CA 81
Laboratory Skills: GC, Scintillation Counter, Autoclave, Sterile Techniques, NMR, MS, Computation, UNIX.
PUBLICATIONS: J. Org. Chem. 2005, 70, 10726-10731.
J. Org. Chem. 2007, 72, 25-29.
Northwestern University, Evanston, IL. 60201 (77-78) Technical Sciences. (GPA. 3.5/4.0)
University of California, Berkeley, Ca. 94720 (79-81) BS Honors in Chemical Engineering (GPA. 3.5/4.0)
University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS 39465 (00-02) MS Science Education (GPA. 3.7/4.0)
Jackson State University, Jackson, MS 39217 (03-07) PhD Organic Chemistry (GPA. 4.0/4.0)
AAAA MS Educator License in Chemistry Physics and Mathematics #154189
Eric Noe, Ph.D. Jackson, MS (601) 979-2922
Christine Bezotte, Ph.D. Elmira, NY (607) 735-1852
Daniel Kjar, Ph.D. Elmira, NY (607) 735-1826
Hongtao Yu, Ph.D. Jackson, MS (601) 979-2171
's preferred teaching style:
Live problem solving, strategies and related concept discussion. Referrals to online exercises and self-monitored learning / achievement of clearly stated goals and objectives. Pleasant and helpful demeanor following nettiquette rules.

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