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Career Orientation

tutoring & advice

 with Hudson Albert

short description:
This course is designed to help students explore possible career options.
long description:
This course is designed to help students explore possible career options. The goal is to allow students to expand self-awareness and establish a great understanding in today?s workplace. At the end of this course, students will have a very good idea about their career potentials and be able to make deliberate career choices throughout his or her lifetime. This course will help students identify their interests, needs and skills in order to recognize the many components that go into making career decisions.

This course will discuss the following:
- How to choose a career
- Hunt down a job
- Going back after a break (School)
- Career shift

At the end of the course, the following quizzes will be made available for the students, though they are only required to take ?Discover your career potential?; ?What career suits your personality??; and ?Could you be your own boss?? Students will have access to take any of the additional quizzes below.

What career suits your personality?
Are you computer savvy?
Are you confident at work?
What's your work style?
Take the interview test.
What's your email personality?
What's your desk style?
Are women winning at work?
Could you be your own boss?
What's your Monday personality Are you a slacker?
Can you handle a bad boss?
What's your work party personality?
Will you be a big cheese?
Discover your career potential
Are you doing a Bridget Jones?
Are you assertive enough?
Are you a gadget geek?
level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
The course is 2 weeks long
fee comments:
One time fee; to be paid at booking
 session structure





Career Orientation

live session

This course is designed to help students explore possible career options.

1h 0m

languages: English
fee: 59US$  (590lp)
payment: at booking
delivery method: live online

Quick Help

United States

Hudson Albert

description of :
I have a long record of teaching, coaching and mentoring ?Career Orientation?. I started when I was in the military; I encouraged junior marines to go to school in their spare time. I have made extensive research in order to direct them to make the right career choice, motivate them to go back to school and guide them to shit career if necessary. Later, I expanded my service to school dropouts and runaways teenagers. During my undergrad, I was selected to be a mentor for new students. Over the years, I have developed this proven system that had been helpful to all my mentees and students. My system helped students to chose or change career. It also helps in term of setting career standard and orientation.
Teacher's qualifications:

Hudson Albert
2765 Roslyn Lane
Highland Park, IL 60035

Objective Online Education Teacher/Tutor

Skills ? Completed courses/seminars in hazardous waste, transportation, traffic, safety, employee involvement, and leadership.
? Computer software friendly: knowledgeable in Microsoft applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.
? Keyboarding, office equipment, familiar with the use of technology
? Enormous amount of training in various areas in the military including management, computer training; organizational management.
? Online tutoring.

Education Colorado Technical University
April 2010
? Master of Business Administration Concentration: Human Resource Management - Colorado Springs, CO
Colorado Technical University
March 2009
? Bachelor?s Degree - Criminal Justice Colorado Springs, CO
Colorado Technical University
? Professional Certificate - Colorado Springs, CO
o Correction Technicians
o Homeland Security
o Juvenile Delinquency and Victim Services
o Professional Communications

January, 2009? July, 2009
? Oversee the day-today operation.
? Supervise warehousing and storage of all supplies
? Hire and train new employees
June, 2007? July, 2009
? Provide online guidance for new students
? Help with career orientations
? Help with the following areas:
o Choosing a career
o Hunt down that job!
o Going back after a break
o How to choose a career
o Career shift

's preferred teaching style:
In the classroom, I tend to facilitate interaction between the students I enjoy having whole class discussions. I typically design group activities which necessitate active learning, student-to-student collaboration and problem solving. I will try to design learning situations and activities that require students processing and application of course content in creative and original ways

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