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Living Under The Sun


 with Cynthia Smith-Hughes

short description:
A course designed to motivate ,encourage,young people and teens who are having difficulty transitioning from youth to adulthood
long description:
Students will:
1. Examine actions of self;others
2. See consequences of such actions
3. Examine alternatives to such actions and behavior patterns,
asking ,,, what if/why not etc
4. Given correct mode of conduct at home,community,school,society
5. Examine the factors that blocks success in one's life
6. Set realistic goals for their lives,and decide on actions to
they'll take to achieve success.
7. Write a journal each day;discuss topic
8 Taught Etiquette for given occasions
9 Taught money management, and simple accounting
10 Discuss and examine Racial and Cultural issues.
level of difficulty:
all welcome
minimum class size:
I will be available daily from 2-3 PM Eastern Time Zone
fee comments:
Discount for referrals
 session structure





Living Under The Sun

live session

A course designed to motivate ,encourage,young people and teens who are having difficulty transitioning from youth to adulthood

1h 0m

total duration: 1h 0m over 1 session(s)
comments: This will be a one hour class, meeting once or twice weekly, depending on students

discussion forums: 1

Available to book on the following pre-scheduled starting dates:

start: (GMT) 02 September 2009 18:00 internet time: @792 | view full details |

languages: English
duration: 1h 0m
fee: 150US$  (1500lp)
payment: at booking
delivery method: live online and self-paced

Quick Help

United States

Cynthia Smith-Hughes

description of :
As a professional in Education,I have taught from kindergarten to college level for many years with great success, based on the success of my students. I hold a Doctoral degree in Education, and have specialized in the teaching of English, writing, religion,and psychology.
Teacher's qualifications:
My qualifications are:
1. Bachelors degree;English, religion, music
2. Masters in English and Literature
3. Doctorate in Education; minor Psychology
's preferred teaching style:
My teaching style is varied, depending on the situation,students and topic.I particularly like an interactive class, where all is encourage to give his/her views. Dramatization/role play has been very effective for me, and I always try to spice up my presentation/class with humor

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